SDV: Software Defined Vehicles Europe 2024 Conference

November 11-14, 2024 - To be Confirmed, Germany

Software Defined Vehicles are a continually evolving market in the automotive industry, creating a new range of opportunities for OEMs, Tier-1s, Tier-2 and other providers, impacting the way vehicles are produced and how value is provided to the customer. As a result, OEMs, Tier-1s, technology companies and SDV solution providers are teaming up to capitalise on this opportunity.

Several automotive OEMs are in the implementation phase right now having developed software-defined vehicle architecture, but there continues to be on-going in-depth discussions on understanding how to effectively identify and meet changing consumer needs, recognising rising hardware costs and what impact this could have on the SDV market, among other technical, organisational, and partnership challenges to make SDVs a reality.
As the vehicle manufacturing industry reaches a point where it merges with software, cloud, technology and communication industry, We launches the SDV: Software-Defined Vehicles Europe 2024 conference, to address real challenges and capitalise on real opportunities in the SDV space. The Software-Defined Vehicles event is co-located with the Automotive Cyber Security Europe and Connected Vehicles Europe events as part of the Automotive Cyber Security, Connectivity and SDV Week 2024.

2023 Speakers Included

  • Frank Ghenassia, Executive Chief Architect, General Motors
  • Carlo van Driesten, Senior Software Developer for Virtual Test & Validation, BMW Group
  • Petya Dasheva, Manager MB.OS Tuner Software Development, Mercedes-Benz AG
  • Dr Mario De Felice, Head of Software Architecture, Jaguar Land Rover
  • Aaron Dale, Senior Automotive Analyst - UI/UX, S&P Global
  • Sascha Preis, Innovation for Sustaintech, Software Defined Vehicle, Data Strategy & AI, Hyundai Motor Company
  • Purushotham Erupuri, Autosar Chief Engineer, BMW ADAS Division Group
  • Mikael Nilsson, Technical Leader - Communication Systems, Volvo Cars
  • Ofer Rosenberg, System/SW Architect, SDV Architecture, General Motors
  • Harikrishnan Radhakrishnan, System Architect, Scania Group
  • AurĂ©lien Hars, Director Cybersecurity and OTA, Aptiv
  • Andreas Riexinger, Senior Software Architect for the Software Defined Vehicle, Bosch Engineering
  • Patrick GrĂ¼mer, Senior CyberSecurity Specialist, Continental Engineering Services
  • Boris Engel, Director Automotive, Microsoft
  • Azad Ansari, Software Project Leader, Marelli
  • Sara Gallian, SDV Program Manager, Eclipse Foundation
  • Arnav Dhavan, Principal Analyst | Connected Car and Vehicle Experience | Supply Chain & Technology, S&P Global

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