National Summit on Military Training, Modeling, & Simulation 2024

Strategic Excellence through Simulation | Training for Victory in Multi-Domain Warfare

October 7-8, 2024 - Orlando, FL, United States

Delve into the cutting-edge technologies and strategies employed in preparing military personnel for the complexities of modern warfare. From immersive simulations replicating battlefield scenarios to advanced modeling techniques analyzing strategic decisions, join us to explore the forefront of defense training methodologies.

The National Summit on Training, Modeling & Simulation is dedicated to tackling the crucial task of effectively and efficiently training and preparing warfighters for the intricate threat landscapes of future conflicts. With the challenges of replicating future operating environments in real-world exercises growing in difficulty, cost, and risk, military services are shifting their training focus towards harnessing the capabilities of modeling, simulation, and virtual training. These technologies offer realistic replication of multi-domain battle scenarios, vital for preparing soldiers for the complexities they'll face on the battlefield.

Topics the Summit will Cover Include:

  • Strategizing Multi-Domain Warfare Training: Identifying Essential Training Requirements
  • Next-Generation User Interface Advancements: Exploring VR, AR/MR, and Simulation Enhancements
  • Fostering the Content Ecosystem: Models and Interfaces for Seamless Integration
  • Synthetic Training for Intense Operations: Innovations in High-Intensity Operation Simulation

About the Conference

The landscape of defense training is undergoing a profound transformation with the emergence of synthetic training. Synthetic environments, integrating cutting-edge technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, and artificial intelligence, are reshaping traditional training methodologies, and offering a vital means to enhance readiness and resilience among military personnel.

Against this backdrop, the National Summit on Training, Modeling & Simulation serves as a premier forum for senior U.S. DoD leaders and NATO partners to explore the evolution of defense training. The summit will facilitate discussions on key topics, including the integration of emerging technologies to enhance user interface, modeling, the adoption of common data environments, LVC architecture, interoperability challenges, cyber security and cloud solutions, and the strategic implications of synthetic training.

The Conference runs under Chatham House rule with no media or press in attendance. Participants are strictly vetted; certain citizens are not admitted to the conference.

Why Attend

  • Enhance your understanding on the DoD's utilization of modeling, simulation, and virtual training technologies aimed at augmenting Warfighter readiness and lethality for future combat scenarios.
  • Engage with policymakers, subject matter experts, and strategy leaders to shape policies and determine the necessary direction for advancing STE innovations.
  • Learn the latest on: Next-Generation User Interface Advancements, Synthetic Training for Intense Operations, Harnessing Data in a Common Environment, Achieving Interoperability and Distribution.
  • Discover methods to enhance capabilities, enabling our soldiers to train in the environments where they will ultimately engage in.


  • Colonel John Barry, Commander, Army Training Support Center U.S. Army
  • Jennifer McArdle, Ph.D., Sr. Director, Futures CAE USA


  • Samuel Chambers SES, Branch Chief, Environment Architecture Branch U.S. Joint Staff
  • Lt Col (USAF-ret) Brett Telford, Deputy Director, Air Force Agency for Modeling and Simulation U.S. Air Force
  • William D. Dries, JR., SES, Department of the Airforce Deputy Director Training and Readiness (AF/A3T)
  • Colonel Greg Pavlichko, Director National Simulation Center U.S. Army Combined Arms Center
  • Jeremy Lanman Ph.D., Assistant Program Executive Officer, Project Support U.S. Army PEO STRI
  • Laura Milham, Ph.D., Executive Director, Advanced Distributed Learning U.S. Department of Defense
  • Dr. Michael E. Gooden, NH-04, Workforce Development and Culture Lead, Studies and Analyses Modeling and Simulation Directorate (SAF/SAM) Department of the Air Force (USAF and USSF)
  • Lieutenant Colonel Michael Butler, USAF, Deputy Commander 505th Combat Training Group
  • Colonel Anthony Graham, USAF, Commander Air Force Agency for Modeling and Simulation
  • Colonel Richard Kieffer, USAF, Deputy Director, Operational Test & Training Infrastructure Integrated Program Office (OTTI IPO), STARCOM, USSPACEFORCE
  • Dr. David Stargel, Technical Dir. AF Agency for Simulation (AFAMS)
  • Chris McGroarty, Chief Engineer, Advanced Simulation, U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command - Soldier Center (DEVCOM SC), SFC Paul Ray Smith Simulation and Training Technology Center Advanced Modeling and Simulation Branch
  • LTC (USA-ret) Brian Vogt, Former Simulation Operations Officer U.S. Army Capabilities Integration Center (ARCIC), Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC)
  • Jeremy Lanman Ph.D., Assistant Program Executive Officer, Project Support U.S. Army PEO STRI
  • Dr. David Stargel, Technical Director Air Force Agency for Modeling and Simulation (AFAMS)

Industry Speakers

  • Dr. David Grantham, President & CEO Threat Management Group
  • Dr. Douglas Maxwell, Vice President - Executive Director of Strategic Solutions JANUS Research Group
  • Dr. Chris Libutti, Tech Grove Manager Central Florida Tech Grove

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