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Human Geography 2013
Advancing Human Intelligence Integration for GEOINT and the IC

6 May, 2013 - 8 May, 2013, Arlington, VA, United States

With an annual operating budget of $18 billion, DoD Military Intelligence programs have been instrumental in the war on terror.  Human Geography has been at the forefront of these intelligence programs, often embodied in the Human Terrain Systems program which, with successful implementation, have recently increased from 22-31 operating teams in Afghanistan.  In order for the US Military to operate in theatres where conventional warfare is not effective, Human Geography must be readily understood and utilized.

In advancing Human Geography, we must look to increased socio-cultural and language training to provide accurate and reliable data generated by on-the-ground research on the specific social groups in the supported unit’s operating environment. Human Geography 2013 will provide an insightful opportunity to gain a glimpse into these elements in the newest and most exciting advancement in warfare.

Human Geography 2013, will directly highlight these topics through expert presentations from the CENTCOM, USMC Center for Irregular Warfare and the Air Force Culture and Language Center and as well as many other key players in the field.  This year’s summit takes places at an interesting and innovative time in the implementation of human geography into the Intelligence Community and Special Operations Warfare.  In order to further explore these new and exciting advancements in the future of warfare you must attend this year’s premier Human Geography event.

Human Geography 2013 will deliver:

  • Unparalleled access to the latest SOCOM and Intelligence perspectives
  • Insights from former Human Terrain Analysts, and anecdotal success stories
  • Exclusive look into the future of Human Geography’s technological capabilities

Who you will meet:

At the Human Geography Summit you will be able to meet, network and engage with top government and industry professionals in the human geography space. Attendees will include professionals with the following job titles:

  • Commanding Officer
  • Program Manager/Director
  • Lead Human Geographer
  • Imagery Analyst
  • Capability Manager
  • Department Chief

Venue & Accommodation

Waterview Conference Center
1919 North Lynn Street , Arlington, Virginia
22209, United States
Phone: 571-303-3032

Please note that IDGA has not established a room block although there are several nearby hotels (many within walking distance). Please visit the below link for a listing.

The conference agenda is available as PDF under downloads.


  • OL Wiley Thompson, Department Head, US Military Academy
  • Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Lohman, Lead Human Geographer, US Military Academy
  • Dr. Adam Silverman, Culture and Foreign Language Advisor, US Army War College
  • Dr. LisaRe Brooks, Research Psychologist/ COR, US Army Research Institute
  • Chris Tucker, Board Member, Open Geospatial Consortium
  • Mitzi Wertheim, Professor, Practice for Sustainability, Enterprises and Social Networks, Naval Postgraduate School
  • Michael Waller, Professor, International Communication, Institute of World Politics
  • Dr. Timothy Haithcoat, Professor, Department of Geography, University of Missouri
  • Dr. David Matsumoto, Director, Culture and Emotion Research Laboratory, San Francisco State University
  • Oliver Barrett, Consultant, Janus Advisory
  • Jay Hunt, Deputy Director, Culture Knowledge Consortium
  • Dr. Alexander Murphy, Professor, Geography, University of Oregon


Event details

6 May, 2013
8 May, 2013
Waterview Conference Center
United States


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