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Offshore Patrol Vessels Latin America

18 June, 2013 - 20 June, 2013, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Welcome to OPV & Surface Combatant Latin America 2013: Uniting Latin American navies in an effort to optimise patrol craft and surface combatants to heighten efficient and secure the EEZ

Our inaugural OPV Latin America conference was born out of popular demand from the region following the success of our long-standing OPV conference series. Incorporating similar themes to our European, Asian and Middle Eastern events, OPV Latin America 2012 offered a unique perspective on the procurement strategy and operational concepts of key Latin American navies.

Following the success of last year’s event OPV & Surface Combatant Latin America 2013 is the only naval event in South America that provides an honest assessment of how to balance requirements and capability with acquisition and operational costs while sharing combating solutions to the most prevalent security concerns.

In addition to revealing procurement and acquisition strategies and inspecting several fleet renewal and OPV projects, the event will include in-depth technological presentations covering innovative solutions on system integration and capability implementation.

The focus for the 2013 OPV & Surface Combatants Latin America conference is:

  • Enhancing security of the EEZ to safeguard trade and inward investment
  • Developing a robust model for technology transfer
  • Helping create a world class naval defence industry with the ability to compete globally
  • Better understand the drivers behind new ship acquisition in Latin American navies


"Excellent opportunity to connect with constellation of same interest. Fascinating, well-paced and the team did a great job."
- Capt Chuck Gunzel, US Navy (OPV Asia-Pacific)

"Very good avenue to know more on the development of OPV design and capabilities. Addresses the current trend in technology and challenges faced by the region."
- Commander Robert N. Patrimonio, Philippines Coast Guard (OPV Asia-Pacific)

"Opportunity to know what customers in the region wants as different countries have different expectations."
- Wong Loo Pip, Programme Manager, MTU Asia (OPV Asia-Pacific)

"Fantastic and engaging. The event definitely met our expectations."
- Michael Perkins, Vice President Business Development, Quantum (OPV Asia-Pacific)

Venue & Accommodations

Venue to be confirmed
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Travel and accommodation are not included in the registration fee.
More information to follow...

The conference agenda is available as PDF under downloads.

Confirmed OPV & Surface Combatants Latin America 2013 Speaker Faculty:

  • Admiral Luis Jaramillo Arias, Commander in Chief, Ecuadorian Navy
  • Admiral Ricardo Giambruno, Commander, National Navy of Uruguay*
  • Vice Admiral Alberto Quiroga Diaz, Commander of Naval Operations, Venezuelan Navy*
  • Rear Admiral Gregorio Bueno Murga, Canary Island Naval, Command, Spanish Navy
  • Rear Admiral Onofrio Flagiello, Chief of Design Department, Italian Navy
  • Rear Admiral César Cier Sáenz, Director of Naval Enlistment, Peruvian Navy
  • Rear Admiral Pedro Leonardo Bassi, Secretary General, Argentine Navy*
  • Commodore Stephen Braham, Head of Global Combat Ship Integrated Export Team, Royal Navy
  • Mustafa Seker, Head of Naval Department, Undersecretariat for Defence Industries, MOD Turkey
  • Captain Oscar Tascon, Director of Research and Development, COTECMAR
  • Captain Mario Emilio Gobbi, Head of the Cutter Service, Argentinian Coast Guard
  • Captain Eike Wetters, Head of Division Naval Development & Capabilities Management, German Navy
  • Captain Ronnie Gil Gavan, Director, Office for Maritime Studies and Special Concerns, Philippines Coast Guard
  • Captain Ang Cheng Hwa, Senior Assistant Director Maritime Criminal Investigation’s Department, Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency
  • Captain Terje Nylund, Project Group Manager, NDLO Naval Systems Frigate & Auxilliary Ship Projects
  • Commander Sacha Bailly, Commanding Officer L’Adroit OPV, French Navy


Event details

Defence IQ
18 June, 2013
20 June, 2013
Rio de Janeiro
Provided after registration


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