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Special Operations Summit Middle East
Developing world class Special Operations Forces in times of increasingly unpredictable and irregular warfare

3 June, 2013 - 5 June, 2013, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Why now?

Over the past two decades armed forces the world over have seen an increase in both ferocity and complexity of threats at home and abroad. Through operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya amongst others, Special Operations Commanders have faced fresh and complex challenges from insurgents. It is imperative that allied forces stay one step ahead with training, organisation and technological advancements for Special Operations Forces.

Elite forces require elite equipment and constant technological advancements ensures Special Forces are fully prepared and equipped for any scenario; with firearms increasing in accuracy and lethality, clothing and armour stronger and lighter and vehicles on land, sea and in the air more customised and efficient for every situation.

The Special Operations Summit Middle East will examine current international special operations programs, the equipment and technology which special forces are using, how training is being conducted both regionally and internationally to combat our enemies, and the importance of Special Forces coalition activities in wartime and peacekeeping missions.

Benefits of attending:

  • Hear international special operations counter-terrorism strategies and tactics
  • Unique opportunity to network with international and regional Special Forces Commanders
  • Develop training programs to produce the next generation of Special Operators
  • Examine amphibious warfare technology from landing crafts to Rigid Inflatable Boats
  • Discussing military and local government relationships in peacekeeping missions and Military Operations Other Than War
  • Understanding intelligence as an important tool in special operations
  • Explore technology selection and current regional Special Forces requirements
  • Look into the role of Special Operations support and sustainment

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Who you will meet:

At Special Operations Summit Middle East you will meet Commanders, Directors and Special Operators from the following regional and international organisations:

Presidential Guard, Military Intelligence, Military Support, Counter-terrorism Division, Special Boat Service, Light Infantry, Irregular Warfare Division, Special Operations Command, Special Warfare Command, Special Forces, Military Police, Marine Corps, Operations and Training, Special Air Service, Navy Seals, Air Force Special Operations Command, Special Operations Aviation Command, Joint Forces Operations Command.

Venue & Accommodation

Armed Forces Officers Club & Hotel
P.O. Box: 6382, Abu Dhabi,
United Arab Emirates
Phone: 971 2 4415 900
Fax: 971 2 4415 666

More information to follow...

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The draft agenda is available as PDF under downloads.

Register at ASDEvents and receive 20% discount.


Event details

IQPC Middle East FZ LLC
3 June, 2013
5 June, 2013
Abu Dhabi
Armed Forces Officers Club & Hotel
United Arab Emirates


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