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Healthcare Data Analytics Conference

9 July, 2013 - 10 July, 2013, Washington, DC, United States

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Healthcare Data Analytics – What You Need to Know about This Burgeoning New Field!

The healthcare analytics market, already at almost $4 billion annually, is expected to grow to nearly $11 billion per year by 2017. In addition, the application of emerging Big data tools and analytics could help U.S. citizens save as much as$450 billion in healthcare costs, but fundamental change is necessary to meeting such goals, according to a new analysis published this month by consulting firm McKinsey & Company. Healthcare organizations around the globe are gathering information and crunching numbers to determine by careful analysis the key statistical data that will drive improvements in operational performance, quality of care, and cost management. More and more healthcare providers and payers are engaging in complex predictive analytics in the attempt to understand an extremely wide range of patient data – everything from indicators for relapse and readmission to factors indicating increased medicine consumption, and more. Forward-thinking organizations are setting up the infrastructure needed to collect, process, integrate, and mine these nuggets of hidden data within the increasing large troves of stored patient information.

This outstanding symposium brings together the key senior executives from hospital and physician settings, government, and industry to examine the state of healthcare analytics and the future opportunities and challenges to be faced.

  • What are DHHS, CMMS, Tricare, and VA needs and plans in healthcare analytics?
  • What challenges do hospitals and physician practices face? How can analytics be scaled up or down depending upon the size of the practice or hospital setting?
  • Can analytics pave the way for real-time, predictive operations management?
  • What are the opportunities for analytics-based enhanced clinical decision support? Comprehensive population health management?
  • What role will “big data” analytics play?
  • How do you select appropriate missions and applications for health analytics? Big Data?
  • How do you build use cases and justify ROI? 

These and many other critical questions will be addressed during  this important two-day event!

Over 25 Leading Experts from ONC/DHHS, CMMS, TriCare, Kaiser Permanente, Atrius/Harvard Vanguard, LIHN, Centura IPN, Mercy Health, Yale-New Haven Hospital, Group Practice Forum, NIST, MEDDA C, Relay Health/McKesson, SAMHSA, Healthcore/Wellpoint, City of Hope, Allscripts, Dell, SAIC, Wyle, CSC, Splunk, Encore, Booz Allen Hamilton, USA, AMIA, MEDgle, and HCD examine:

  • End-User Expectations and Emerging Lessons Learned
  • What challenges do hospitals and physician practices face? How can analytics be scaled up or down depending upon the size of the practice or hospital setting?
  • What are the opportunities for analytics-based enhanced clinical decision support? Comprehensive population health management?
  • What role will “big data” analytics play?
  • How do you build use cases and justify ROI?
  • Government Roadmaps, Plans and Initiatives

Who You Will Meet

  • CEOs/COOs/CIOs
  • Presidents/Vice Presidents
  • Principles
  • Chief Medical Officers
  • Telehealth Programs Administrators
  • Directors, Business Development Managers
  • Directors,  Informatics and IT Solutions
  • Directors, Information Systems
  • Physicians
  • Chief Sales Executives, Federal Healthcare
  • Business Development Managers
  • Sr. Managers, Federal Accounts
  • Sales Directors
  • Capture Managers
  • Sr. Client Executives
  • Sr.  Healthcare Analysts
  • Program Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Medical Planners
  • Engineering Leads
  • Operations Managers
  • Health Service Leads


Holiday Inn Rosslyn at Key Bridge
1900 North Fort Myer Drive,
Arlington, VA 22209
Tel: (703) 807-2000)

(Mention  “Technology Training” for a special room rate)
Attendee accommodations must be arranged directly with the hotel.

The conference agenda is available as PDF under downloads.

The Outstanding Speakers for Healthcare Data Analytics Symposium include:

  • Dr. Karen Guice, MD, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs, and Principal Deputy Director, TRICARE Management Activity
  • Dr. Kevin Fickenscher, MD, Chief Executive Officer, American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA)
  • Dr. Robert Wah, MD, Vice President, Healthcare and Chief Medical Officer, CSC
  • Dr. Len Fromer, MD, Executive Medical Director, Group Practice Forum
  • Dr. Joseph Kimura, MD, Medical Director, Analytics and Reporting Systems, Atrius Health
  • Ms. Mera Choi, Acting Standards and Interoperability Coordinator, Office of Science and Technology, ONC/DHHS
  • Mr. Curtis Dudley, Vice President, Integrated Performance Solutions, Sisters of Mercy Health
  • Mr. Brian Currie, President & Chief Executive Officer, Long Island Health Network
  • Dr. Andrew Litt, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Dell Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Mr. Hans Wiik, President and CEO, Integrated Physician Network (iPN), Centura Health
  • Mr. Stephen Merz, Vice President, Administration, Yale-New Haven Hospital
  • Mr. Auston Davis, Director, Response Services, Information Security, Kaiser Permanente
  • Ms. Linda Smith, Director, Analytics Lab Division, Center for Program Integrity, CMMS
  • Dr. H. Westley Clark, MD, Director, Center for Substance Abuse Treatment, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, DHHS
  • Ms. Megan Holmes, Director, Product Management, Analytics, RelayHealth/McKesson
  • Mr. Paul Conocenti, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, City of Hope
  • Dr. Deborah Lafky, Ph.D., Director, Center for Strategic Health Innovation, Univ. of S. Alabama
  • Mr. Eddie Satterly, Chief Big Data Evangelist, Office of the Chief Technology Officer, Splunk, Inc.
  • Ms. Marsha Young, Esq., Vice President, Cybersecurity, SAIC
  • Mr. David Epstein, Vice President, Care Coordination & Analytic Solutions Management, Allscripts
  • Dr. H. (Herb) Smaltz, Ph.D., Chairman & Founder, Health Care DataWorks, Inc.
  • Dr. Juergen Klenk, Ph.D., Principal, Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH)
  • Mr. Marcus Wilson Pharm.D, President, HealthCore
  • Mr. LiMing Shen, Director, Wyle Solutions Group
  • Ms. Karen Knecht, Partner, Solutions, Encore Health Resources
  • Ms. Karen Waltermire, Program Manager, National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, U.S. Department of Commerce, NIST
  • Ms. Tammie Jones, President, National Capital Healthcare Executives (NCHE), Chief Operating Officer, Fort George Meade Medical Activity, USA
  • Dr. Jamison Feramisco, MD, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, MEDgle


Event details

9 July, 2013
10 July, 2013
Holiday Inn Rosslyn at Key Bridge
District Of Columbia
United States


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