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Counter Narco-Terrorism and Drug Interdiction Summit

16 September, 2013 - 18 September, 2013, Miami, FL, United States

Eliminating the Nexus Between Terrorism and Narcotics

Counter Narco-Terrorism and Drug Interdiction will focus on the technology and capability requirements needed by the US government to expose and eliminate the main sources of terrorist financing. There is a direct correlation between the poppy seed fields in Afghanistan and the Taliban, The National Liberation Army and the coca plant manufacturing in Colombia, and the various Mexican Drug Cartels through marijuana and cocaine shipping. Though many times the consumers are actually Americans, it is in the best interest of the American government to end this steady stream of revenue for terrorist organizations in order to protect assets and civilians at home and abroad.

The President's FY 2013 Drug Control Budget includes a $89.3 million increase for interdiction Programs.  Counter Narco-Terrorism & Drug Interdiction 2013 will focus on these programs on both the tactical and strategic level.  By utilizing advanced technologies on land and sea, leveraging international partnerships, and adapting interdiction strategies, we can eliminate the nexus between terrorism and narcotics

At a time of unprecedented budget reductions, now more then ever, innovative and creative solutions are needed to ensure national security. Examining and utilizing various international partnerships, interdiction capabilities, and advancements in homeland security will help to stifle one of the largest sources of revenue for terrorist organizations.

Counter Narco-Terrorism & Drug Interdiction 2013 Features:

  • Top Counter Narco-Terrorism priorities
  • The drug circle, where drugs are going to and where they are coming from
  • The strongest international partnerships that have been effective in stemming narcoterrorism
  • Distribution lines and protecting the points of entry (POEs), airports, ports, waterways, overland
  • Human trafficking, smuggling and slavery
  • Cargo and container detection systems and advanced technologies
  • Post Afghanistan withdrawal strategies and what it means for the US

Venue & Accommodation

Intercontinental at Doral Miami
2505 North West 87th Avenue
Doral, FL 33172-1610
305-468-1400 / 888-424-6835

The summit agenda is available as PDF under downloads.


  • CAPT Donna Cottrell, Commanding Officer, HITRON, USCG
  • Captain Joe Kimball, Commanding Officer, Coast Guard Air Station Miami
  • CDR Harry Schmidt, Chief, Drugs and Migrants Division, USCG
  • Steve Caldwell, Director, Maritime Security and Coast Guard Issues Homeland Security and Justice Team, US GAO
  • Derek Maltz, Special Agent in Charge, Special Operations, DEA
  • Alysa Erichs, Special Agent in Charge, Miami Sector, ICE- Homeland Security Investigations
  • CAPT (Ret.) Ted Venable, CNT Program Manager, US Naval Forces Southern Command
  • Dr. Vanda Felbab-Brown, Senior Fellow, Brookings Institute
  • Michael Miklaucic, Director, Research Information and Publications at the Center for Complex Operations, National Defense University
  • CAPT Austin Gould, Commander, SECMIA, USCG
  • Officer John Sullivan, Narcotics Specialist, Los Angeles Sheriff's Department
  • Johan Obdola, Chief, Latin America Bureau, Inter Port Police
  • Oliver Barrett, Counter Terrorism Specialist, Janus Advisory
  • Hector Pesquera, Assistant Port Director, Safety and Security, Port of Miami
  • Guy Thomas, Chairman, Global Maritime Awareness Institute for Safety & Stewardship


Event details

16 September, 2013
18 September, 2013
Intercontinental at Doral Miami
United States


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