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Integrated Air and Missile Defence 2014 Conference

3 March, 2014 - 5 March, 2014, Halmstad, Sweden

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IAMD is a core component of a country’s defence and remains at the frontline of both national and international strategies and operations. Driven by fear of realising critical capability of rouge states and the escalating threat environment created by growing arsenals of emerging regional powers, IAMD is of vital importance. Furthermore, the increasing prominence of unconventional threats presents another key challenge to which technology and operations must respond.

We are delighted to announce our 7th annual Integrated Air and Missile Defence 2014 conference.

In official partnership with the Swedish Air Defence Unit, Integrated Air and Missile Defence 2014 will take place at the Halmstad Air Base where we will also be hosting a site tour as part of our pre-conference day. This will be a unique opportunity to gain insight into the running of Swedish air and missile defence and the equipment currently in use.

With expert military speakers from across Europe, including Sweden, Poland, the UK, Germany and many more, the conference will introduce key operational and systemic analysis on the challenges at the fore of IAMD.

We are also delighted to welcome Brigadier General Dickinson, Chief of the 32nd AAMDC, to provide insight into US air and missile defence and share experiences of the unit’s mission to be deployed anywhere in the world in 72 hours.

The conference will place emphasis on three central themes:

  • Detection: Early detection and accurate identification of a broad range of targets from mortars to UAVs to fast jets
  • Interception: Optimisation of radar to identify and intercept threats; the current capabilities of short, medium and long range missile defence systems; updates and advancement with C4i technology
  • Integration: Current efforts to enhance both internal and multinational interoperability, along with future visions to develop truly integrated air and missile defence programs

Benefits of Attending IAMD 2014

  • Identify key emerging requirements from across Europe, with detailed insights into the developments plans of the Swedish, Ukrainian, Polish and Czech Armed Forces, amongst others
  • Examine the latest case studies of air defence regiments from around the world, evaluating their operational experiences and incorporating these lessons into your armed forces
  • Develop new contacts with both military and industry to facilitate international cooperation and integration

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Venue & Accommodation

The Swedish Air Defence Regiment
Luftvärnsregementet, Lv 6,  Göteborgsvägen
S30180, Sweden

Travel and accommodation are not included in the conference fee; however we have put together a HotelMap that displays discounted accommodation for hotels in the area near to Integrated Air & Missile Defence. The map displays live availability and allows you to book directly with each hotel:

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The agenda is available as PDF under downloads at the right side of the page

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  • Colonel Stefan Jönsson, Chief Swedish GBAD & Commanding Officer of the Swedish Air Defence Unit, Swedish Air Force
  • Lieutenant Colonel Mattias Elfström, Air Defence Regiment, Swedish Armed Forces
  • Major Torbjorn Johannesson, Head of Future Studies, Swedish Air Defence Regiment
  • Brigadier General Albert Sáfár, Head of Air Force, Hungarian Air Force
  • Brigadier General Iain Harrison, Director, Capability Combat Support, UK MoD
  • Brigadier General Jan Gabrys, Chief GBAD Department, Polish Air Force
  • Brigadier General Mats Helgesson, Director Test and Evaluation, FMV
  • Colonel Michael Gschoßmann, Director Ground Based Operation, German Air Force
  • Colonel Ferenc Kovács, Commanding Officer 12th ADM Regiment, Hungarian Air Force
  • Colonel Jan Sedliacik, Chief, Air Defence Branch, General Staff
  • Colonel Vladimir Barca, Head, 25th Missile Defence Brigade, Czech Armed Forces
  • Major Michael Lawrence, SO2 Counter Air Targets, UK MoD
  • Major Esa Lappi, Head of the Information Technology Division, Finnish Defence Research Agency
  • Gregory Kee, General Manager NATO MEADS agency, NATO
  • Jakub Cimoradsky, Staff Officer, NATO WMD Centre, NATO
  • Miroslav Kratky, Professor, University of National Defence
  • Fabian Oschner, Vice President Marketing and Product Management, Rheinmetall Air Defence AG
  • Kai-Uwe Sautter, President of Marketing and Sales, Rheinmetall Air Defence
  • Michael Masur, Marketing Director, Diehl BGT Defence GmbH & Co. KG
  • Dag Løvås, Manager Business Development/ Air Defence Capture Team Lead, Integrated Defence Systems,  Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace

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Event details

Defence IQ
3 March, 2014
5 March, 2014
The Swedish Air Defence Regiment


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