Smart Water Systems Conference

- April 28-29, 2014- London, United Kingdom

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The demand for water is ever increasing due to growing population, climate change and cost of water. The ageing infrastructure of the water systems coupled with the increasing demand is adding pressure to the water networks. As the water infrastructure age, many problems crop in in terms of water leakage, water contamination, inability to detect water quality and so forth. One of the ways to address these problems is by creating a smart water system. Smart water systems involves the use of smart water meters together with the latest technologies and real time data to better monitor water usage, distribution and problems such as leakage. This also enables to tract the water network and pinpoint problem areas.

We are proud to present our 3rd  Annual Smart Water Systems Conference which will be looking into this topic and how smart water is all about coming up with initiatives to manage water more effectively, monitor it all the way along throughout the cycle so that we can better manage and preserve this precious resource.

Key areas to be discussed in the conference are:

  • Smart water metering
  • Smart water irrigation and the Weightless Protocol
  • Addressing leakage and improving water supply systems
  • Preserving our resources: Optimising water usage
  • SmartWater4Europe
  • The customer’s point of view and opinions on smart water networks
  • Technology focus and looking ahead (future plans)
  • Case studies from different water companies across England that are implementing smart meters and that are involved in optimizing water usage
  • An insight into the latest technology behind smart water irrigation
  • Understanding the importance of involving the customer in the supply chain
  • Implementing wireless networks for water companies; thereby facilitating communication among companies
  • Evaluating leakage as a major problem in the water systems
  • Understanding how to overcome the challenges associated with reducing leakage

Plus Two Interactive Half-Day Post-Conference Workshops

Wednesday 30th April 2014

  • A: Smart Leakage and Asset Management by Pressure Management
    Workshop Leader: Allan Lambert, Managing Director, Water Loss Research and Analysis Ltd and Mark Shepherd, Director, JOAT Consulting
    8.30am – 12.30pm
  • B: Smart Meters – Big Brother or Social Benefit
    Workshop Leader: Andrew Godley, Senior Consultant, WRc plc
    1.30pm – 4.45pm


  • Allan Lambert, Managing Director, Water Loss Research and Analysis Ltd
  • Andrew Donnelly, Advisor to the Board, EPAL 
  • Andrew Tucker, Water Strategy Manager, Energy Saving Trust
  • Andy Godley, Senior Consultant, Water Research Centre
  • Andy Slater, Marketing Director, Sensus
  • Bill Brydon, Supply Demand Manager, Scottish Water
  • Brian Truegaard, Team Manager, VCS Denmark
  • David Lloyd Owen, Managing Director, Envisager
  • Dragan Savic, Head of Engineering & Director of the Center for Water Systems, University Of Exeter
  • Erik Driessen, Innovation Manager, Vitens
  • Frederick Harry Royan, Research Director Global Environment Water Markets, Frost & Sullivan
  • Gerrit Rentier, Senior Business Process Analyst, DELTA N.V.
  • Jo Fielding-Cooke, Head of Insight, Southern Water
  • Jo Parker, Managing Director, Watershed Associates
  • John O'Flaherty, Project Coordinator, WaterBee
  • Kyle Robins, Wastewater Infrastructure Strategy Manager, Thames Water
  • Luis Branco, Head of Customer Relations Division, EPAL
  • Mischa Dohler, Chair Professor, King's College London
  • Roberto Gavazzi, Senior Product Leader, Telecom Italia
  • Ronald Pace, Regional Manager, Water Services Corporation
  • Steen Jakobsen, Head of Department, VCS Denmark
  • Steve Plumb, Head of Metering, Thames Water
  • William Webb, CEO,

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Marriott Hotel, Regents Park
128 King Henry's Road
London, NW3 3ST
United Kingdom

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