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Future Mortar Systems Conference 2014

29 October, 2014 - 30 October, 2014, London, United Kingdom

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Exploring cost-effective, yet meticulous solutions to enhance future mortar capability

We are delighted to announce the return of our annual Future Mortar Systems Conference. Building on the success of previous events in the series, our 2014 conference will provide a detailed insight into the front line experiences of mortar crews from a host of nations, coupled with a strategic and long-term viewpoint from senior military personnel. Future Mortar Systems Conference 2014 is a unique opportunity to learn from other military forces and share experiences and best practice techniques in a collaborative environment.

Key themes to be addressed at the Future Mortar Systems Conference 2014 include:

  • Can increased emphasis on comprehensive simulation in mortar focused training be an effective substitute for live fire training? Is there a realistic solution available that can reduce the cost of live fire training to allow for a reduction in associated ammunition costs?
  • The identification of a balance between the desire for precision guided mortar technology and the need for lower expenditures in a time of austerity. Are fire control systems a viable solution to increase accuracy and thus reduce ammunition costs?
  • The increased emphasis on mortar mobility as a means to improve ‘shoot and scoot’ capability. What are the current and future mortar mobility demands facing armed forces? How can current platforms be adapted to meet such requirements?The emphasis on the digital battle space for increased communication, integration and proficiency.

Why you should attend Future Mortar Systems Conference 2014:

  • Explore the potential for a cost –effective middle ground between simulation and live fire training that can avoid skill atrophy without being a financial burden.
  • Discover how technological advances will change the future of mortar capability, including improving precision and reducing weight.
  • Examine the rationale for greater integration of mortar systems into the digital battlespace, from the forward observer to fire control systems

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Venue & Accommodation

Kensington Close Hotel
Wrights Lane, Kensington
W8 5SP, United Kingdom
Phone: 0870 751 7770

Travel and accommodation are not included in the conference fee; however we have put together a HotelMap that displays discounted accommodation for hotels in the area near to Future Mortar Systems Conference. The map displays live availability and allows you to book directly with each hotel:

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The agenda is available as PDF under downloads at the right side of the page.

2014 Speakers

  • Lieutenant Colonel Simon West, SO1 Land Concepts, DCDC, UK MoD
  • Major Nils Carlsson, Future Organisation Development Officer, Swedish Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel Martin Šufajzl, General Staff - Artillery Training, Army of the Czech Republic
  • Lieutenant Colonel Fernando Quintas, Training and Doctrine at the Infantry School, Spanish Army
  • Colonel J Kraszewski, Head of Field Artillery, Polish Army
  • Major Eike Sinzig, Army Concepts and Capabilities Development Centre, German Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel William McDonough, Mortars Program Manager, US Army
  • Christopher Stout, Fuze and Precision Armaments Directorate, US Army
  • Major Hayden Jellard, SO2 Support Weapons Force Development Branch, British Army
  • Wim De Ruijter, Weapon Systems, TNO, The Netherlands Ministry Partner
  • Captain Per Arne Bjoerklid, Project CV90 Project Manager, Norwegian Army
  • Captain Philipp Uppenkamp, Platoon Leader in Afghanistan, German Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel Olaf Tuneke, Indirect Fire Development, German Army
  • Senior Officer, Chief J7/GS, Army of Slovenia (Pending Confirmation)
  • Captain Lars Vammen, Head of Acquiistions and Logistics, Danish Army
  • Senior Officer, Mortar Division, The Royal Netherlands Army
  • Captain Fabien Stassinet, Land Forces Command, French Army
  • Jim Storr, Defence Consultant, UK

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Event details

Defence IQ
29 October, 2014
30 October, 2014
Kensington Close Hotel
United Kingdom


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