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Joint Personnel Recovery 2014 Conference

18 November, 2014 - 20 November, 2014, London, United Kingdom

Exploring the future of Joint Personnel Recovery: A military and commercial crisis management collaboration

Despite the current drawbacks from Afghanistan, the growing presence of operations in increasingly hostile and unfamiliar environments is relentless. In a decade synonymous with unpredictable political unrest, it is imperative that forces and organisations remain at the forefront of technological, strategic and training developments in order to remain adept for what the future has to bring.  In light of looming threats in Eastern Europe, as well as conflict in Africa, never has been a better time to discuss the latest in Joint Personnel Recovery.

We are delighted to announce the 10th Anniversary of our Joint Personnel Recovery Conference. Joint Personnel Recovery 2014 will provide an unparalleled insight into the front line experiences of JPR and C/SAR crews, future military requirements in unfamiliar combat zones and acknowledge the growing phenomenon of civilian JPR; derived from the increasing prevalence of international corporations and NGOs that operate in hostile environments.

Central themes to be addressed at Joint Personnel Recovery 2014 include:

  • Future training requirements associated with the need to respond to high level threats from Eastern Europe as opposed to low level threats experienced in Afghanistan in which operating at maximum capability was not such a priority
  • A discussion of combat search and recue (CSAR) capability gaps when looking ahead to unfamiliar combat zones including Central and Northern Africa and Eastern Europe
  • An examination and case-study reflection of  large corporations and NGOs that are increasingly choosing to operate in hostile environments, which will allow for joint industry and military collaboration to discover best practice

Why you should attend Joint Personnel Recovery 2014:

  • Discover the current training offerings in a variety of nations to best prepare oneself for effective response to CSAR, SAR and JPR
  • Discover how technological advances will change the future of JPR
  • Compare the experiences and practices of private industry as opposed to military procedures when conducting Joint Personnel Recovery

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Venue & Accommodation

Venue to be Confirmed
London, UK

More information to follow...

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The agenda is available as PDF under downloads at the right side of the page.

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2014 Speakers:

  • Lieutenant Colonel Mark Ahrens, 56 Rescue Squadron, US Air Force
  • Major Mohamed Almansoori, SAR/CSAR Intructor, UAE Air Force
  • Wade Chapple, Director of Security, Mexico Trinity Industries Inc.
  • Chris Clegg, Senior Enterprise Risk Manager, Ernst & Young
  • Flight Sergeant Richie Flack, JPR Subject Matter Expert, RAF St.Mawgan
  • Major Bart Holewijn, Staff Officer Personnel Recovery / PRCC Director, Royal Netherlands Air Force
  • David Jones, Commanding Officer, Rescue Global
  • Lieutenant Colonel Maciej Klisz, Chief of Staff, Special Forces Unit Commando, Polish Air Force
  • Colonel Thomas Kunkel, Director, Joint Personnel Recovery Agency
  • Colonel Carlos Maestro Fernandez, Chief of Spanish Aeronautical SAR Organization, Spanish Air Force
  • Chris McDonald, PRMS/NAR Unit Manager, US Army
  • Ken Phillips, Branch Chief of Search and Rescue, U.S. National Park Service
  • Commander Dave Pledger, Commanding Officer, Defence SERE Training Organisation, RAF St. Mawgan
  • Ambassador Charles Ray, JPR Advisor, US
  • Captain Tino Savolainen, Special Operations Forces, Finnish Air Force
  • Lieutenant Colonel Carl Shultz, Commander, Swedish SERE School, Swedish Air Force
  • Lieutenant Jamie Strange, JPR Subject Matter Expert, Defence SERE Training Organisation, RAF St.Mawgan
  • Major Rolon Villamizar, CSAR, Air Assault Aviation Division, Colombian Air Force
  • Lieutenant Colonel Guillaume Vernet, Deputy Commander of 167th Helicopter Squadron, French Air Force
  • Captain Tiago Violante, EH-101 Pilot, 751 Squadron, Portuguese Air Force

Workshop Leaders

  • Conrad Allen, Director of Urban SERE Ltd., Urban SERE Ltd.
  • Captain Vins Michael, Combat Rescue Officer, US Air Force
  • Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Tacheny, HH-60 and Mi-17 pilot, US Air Force

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Event details

Defence IQ
18 November, 2014
20 November, 2014
Provided after registration
United Kingdom


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