Non-US - EAR/OFAC - e-Seminar

e-Seminar for Companies Located Outside of the US


This training is available to customers online in our cloud based training platform.

Comprehensive on-demand training broken down into EAR modules; includes a comprehensive, detailed, searchable PDF Manuals (300+ pages each) with examples and compliance resources.

This e-seminar provides both novice and experienced export compliance professionals with an in-depth education on recently reformed EAR & OFAC regulations.

US Export Controls on Non-US Transactions Includes a  comprehensive guide to complying with Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and Treasury Department (OFAC) trade embargoes. Includes latest updates on Export Control Reform (ECR).

This course contains the following topics:

  1. Overview
  2. EAR Commercial Controls Steps 1-3
  3. EAR Commercial Controls Steps 4-7
  4. US OFAC Embargoes
  5. Export Enforcement
  6. Antiboycott
  7. Compliance Programs
ECoP® EAR Renewal Credits: 4

12 months viewing access
Scott Gearity, President - ECTI, Inc.
Scott Gearity brings nearly 20 years of consulting, training, and corporate export compliance program management experience to bear for his clients.

Mr. Gearity has substantial experience in military, dual-use, and commercial export controls. His clients have ranged in size from small start-ups to some of the world’s largest companies, with a particular focus on the information technology, telecommunications, networking, and software industries.

Mr. Gearity joined ECTI from Microsoft Corporation, where he was based in Ireland and managed the company’s export compliance program for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. He continues to advise many non-US companies affected by US export controls.

Mr. Gearity holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in international studies and economics from American University. He is a licensed US customs broker.

Duration: 7 hours

EAR/OFAC Commercial & Military Export Controls & Embargoes e-Seminar Modules (for Non-US Companies)

Introduction to US Commercial Export Controls
  • Key Control Concepts
  • Comparison to International Controls
  • Export Administration Regulations
  • Bureau of Industry and Security
Items and Persons Subject to US Jurisdiction
  • Controls on "US Persons"
  • Controls on US Origin Hardware, Software and Technical Data
  • Controls on Non-US Manufactured Items Containing US Origin Content
  • US De Minimis Content Calculation
Export Classification and Export Determination
  • ECCN Classification
  • "No License Required" Determination
  • License Exception Determination
  • Red Flag, Denied Party and Proliferation Screening
  • New China Military Catch All Rule
  • License Requirements
US Embargo and EAR Special Country Controls
  • Office of Foreign Assets Controls (OFAC)
  • OFAC Comprehensive Embargoed Countries: Iran, Sudan and Cuba
  • OFAC Licensing and Approval Policy
  • EAR Special Country Controls: Syria, North Korea
  • Control Status of Libya, Iraq and Palestine
  • Specially Designated Nationals
EAR Antiboycott Regulations
  • Introduction
  • Relationship to Arab League Boycott on Israel and other Boycotts
  • Applicability to Transactions Outside the US
  • Prohibitions and Exceptions
  • Reporting Requirements
Export Control Reform
  • List Shifts: Military Items Changing from ITAR to EAR Jurisdiction
  • New 600-Series ECCNs
  • New "Specially Designed" Definition (EAR & ITAR)
  • Handling Existing Licenses & Approvals
  • Transitioning to New Rules
Export Enforcement
  • How US Rules are Enforced Outside the US
  • Corporate and Personal Fines and Penalties
  • Enforcement Case Studies
  • Preventing Violations
Compliance Programs
  • Considerations for Developing a Corporate Export Compliance Program
  • Types of Procedural Approaches
  • US Government Compliance Program Recommendations
Technical Data Considerations
  • Controls on Physical and Intangible Data
  • Deemed Exports and Reexports
  • Third Country National Considerations
  • Emailed Data, Server Access and Downloads

Supplier : e-ECTI
Event type : e-Learning
Reference : ASDE-4678