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Future Artillery 2013 Conference

20 March, 2013 - 22 March, 2013, London, United Kingdom

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Senior International Speakers

  • Lieutenant General Rhett Hernandez, Commanding General, US Army Cyber Command, U.S. Army
  • Major General Juan Carlos Orozco, Commander, 6th Divisional Artillery and Project Manager - Field Artillery Modernisation Programme, Brazilian Army
  • Major General José Julio Dias Barreto, Project Manager - Astros 2020 Programme, Brazilian Army
  • Major General Andriy Kolennikov, Chief of Army Artillery, Ukrainian Army Command
  • Brigadier Ian Harrison, Director Capability Combat Support, British Army HQ
  • Brigadier General Brian McKiernan, Commandant, Fires Center of Excellence, Fort Sill, U.S. Army
  • Brigadier General John McGuiness, Program Executive Officer, PEO Ammunition, US Army
  • Brigadier General Heribert Hupka, Commander of the Artillery School, German Army
  • Brigadier General Jaroslaw Wierzcholski, Commander of Missile and Artillery Forces, Polish Army
  • Brigadier General Giovanni Pintus, Artillery School Commander, Italian Army
  • Colonel John Musgrave, Deputy Capability Combat Support, HQ Director Royal Artillery, British Army
  • Colonel Fiepko Koolman, Director of Future Requirements, Artillery School, German Army
  • Colonel Tracy Banister, Commander, 210th Fires Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division, U.S. Army
  • Colonel Douglas Thomas, Commanding Officer, Marine Corps Artillery Detachment to Fort Sill USMC
  • Colonel Gary Stephens, Project Manager, Precision Fires, Rocket and Missile Systems, US Army
  • Colonel Aureliusz Chylenski, Commander Artillery School, Polish Army
  • Colonel Birger Mejlholm, Artillery Regiment Director, Danish Artillery Regiment
  • Colonel Gilles Randreau, 61e Régiment d’Artillerie, French Army
  • Colonel Yves Lévêque, Chair, NATO Integrated Capability Group on Indirect Fires, French Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel Stephane Masson, Deputy Commander of Artillery, Canadian Forces
  • Lieutenant Colonel Simon West, Head of Land DCDC, UK MoD
  • Lieutenant Colonel Tim Wood, RA SO1 Joint Fires/RANGSO, Navy Command Headquarter
  • Lieutenant Colonel Valério Luiz Lange, Project Supervisor - Astros 2020 Programme, Brazilian Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel Cyril Mathias, Chief, Capability Branch, French Army Artillery, French Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel Alexis Uhrich, Fire Control and Forward Observer Coordinator, French Army HQ
  • Lieutenant Colonel Rienk Sijbrandi, Artillery School / Land Requirements, MINDEF Netherlands
  • Major Dwayne Hynes, Future Artillery Threat Integration Staff Officer, Office of the Chief of Staff for Intelligence, US Army
  • Major Roar Wold, Head of Simulation and Educational Support, Norwegian Army Academy
  • Major Thierry Japiot, Chief, Operational Platoon, 40e Régiment d’Artillerie, French Army
  • Dr Jongtai Hong, Ammunition & warhead Department, Agency for Defense Development (ADD)
  • Ola Hamner, Senior Aeronautical Engineer FOI, Swedish Defence Research Agency
  • Mr George Prudat, Joint Fires Support Technical Demonstration Program Lead, Canadian Forces Experimentation Centre
  • Dr John O'Neill, Coalition Attack Guidance Experiment, DSTO
  • Kristian van Drimmelen, Programme manager, Protection, Munitions and weapons, TNO
  • Hans Øiom, Senior Munitions Safety Expert, Norweigian MoD
  • Dr Michael W. Sharp, Munitions Systems, NATO MSIAC
  • Peter Sapaty, Director of Distributed Simulation and Control, Institute of Mathematical Machines and Systems, National Academy of Sciences - Ukraine
  • Brigadier (ret'd) Ben Barry OBE, Senior Fellow Land Warfare, Defence and Military Analysis Programme, The International Institute of Strategic Studies
  • Dr. Thomas Kuhn, Head of Guidance Systems, Diehl BGT Defence GmbH
  • Bob Preedy, Global Combat Systems Head, BAE Systems
  • Evelyne Montet, Artillery Systems Business Manager, Nexter
  • Scott Arnold, VP Precision Fires, Lockheed Martin Corporation
  • Shane Cohen, Marketing Director, Elbit Systems
  • Bård Frostad, Director Business Development, Saab AB

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Event details

Defence IQ
20 March, 2013
22 March, 2013
Radisson Blu Portman
United Kingdom


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