Sponsor Opportunities: National Congress on Counter UAS Technology 2023

Understanding the latest in C-UAS innovations and technologies for Military, Government, Civil & Commercial

May 23-24, 2023- Washington, DC, United States

Interested in Sponsoring?

Conference sponsorship provides a dialogue.

In a world where audiences are increasingly fragmented, and with ever diminishing attention spans, conferences provide an opportunity to engage in invaluable, interactive conversation.

Few marketing routes offer such an immersive opportunity of multiple touch-points amongst a tightly targeted customer base. Intellectually and emotionally engaged, our clients have chosen to be in that very place, at that very time.

We do not offer standardized, cookie cutter sponsorship packages because companies do not have standardized, cookie cutter needs. Our highly experienced sponsorship team tailors our offering to your strategic needs, be that:

  • Thought Leadership
  • Brand Exposure
  • New Business Development
  • Customer/Prospect Networking
  • New Business Development
  • Lead Generation
  • Corporate Social Awareness
  • Increasing Market Share

We create high impact, results focused campaigns because we start with a strategic conversation, and those communication lines stay open. We are not about gimmicks, and we’re not about logo pastes. We build clear connections between our expert research team, event producers, and conference delegates to build a holistic marketing strategy.

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