Future Soldier Technology 2017 Conference

March 13-14, 2017 - London, United Kingdom

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Soldier Modernisation remains a key priority for major defence forces around the world. Recent conflicts have shown us the importance of developing greater capabilities for the Dismounted Close Combat Infantry Soldier and Marine, giving them access to equipment that will keep them safer, keep them connected on the battlefield and keep them moving. This will allow them to conduct a range of operations in vastly different environments from Jungle to Desert to Urban areas.

As the only conference solely dedicated to enhancing soldier modernisation programmes, we are proud to announce the 3rd Annual Future Soldier Technology event.

Through a series of presentations from the world's leading authorities on future soldier systems, key topics such as Lightening the Load and Analysis of space for components, Power and Energy, Body Armor and Night Vision, Communications and Common Integrated Architecture in great detail. We will discuss the greatest challenges in these areas and more and the next generation solutions that are enabling infantry to conduct operations in today's and tomorrow's battlefields.

Benefits of Attending

  • The only event in Europe with a dedicated focus on future soldier programmes worldwide
  • Briefings will be heavily focused on the themes of soldier enhancement allowing you to choose where your program priorities lie:
    • Mobility
    • Survivability
    • Lethality
    • C4I
    • Sustainability
  • Will include military and technical experts from leading solder equipment projects including the UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Netherlands and many more
  • Industry leaders, developing technology to enter future soldier projects will also be included in the discussions
  • A chance to discuss the key topics through informal discussion groups post conference, led by senior experts

Plus 2 Post-Conference Workshops | 15th March 2017

Morning Workshop: How to Do Business With the British Army for Soldier Modernisation
Hosted by: Lieutenant Colonel (Ret’d) Rob O’Connor, Former Commanding Offi cer, Infantry Trials and Development Unit, British Army

Afternoon Workshop: Black Swans and Soldier programme Management: A Look Inside The US Army Technology And Equipment Acquisitions From Capability Setting To procurement

Hosted by: Colonel (Ret’d) Richard Hansen, Former Programme Manager, Soldier Warrior, PEO Soldier, US Army


  • Christopher Briggs, Capability Advisor - Land ISTAR , DSTL
  • Colonel (Ret'd) Richard Hansen, Former Program Manager , Soldier Warrior, PEO Soldier, US Army , PEO Soldier
  • Dr Darren Browning, Senior Technical Lead - Power , DSTL
  • Dr Myra Van Esch-Bussemakers, Director of Human Effectiveness, T N O Human Factors Research Institute
  • John Foley, Expert - Soldier Systems , Thales
  • Johnathan Russell, Principle Scientist Physical Sciences Division , DSTL
  • Jonathan Long, Global Innovation Manager, INVISTA
  • Laurence Bedford, Senior Principal Consultant, Research & Technical Support Division, Sea
  • Lieutenant Colonel (Ret'd) Rob O'Connor, Former Commanding Officer of the Infantry Trials and Develoment Unit, British Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Holder, Senior Infantry Capabilities Integration Officer , United States Marine Corps
  • Lieutenant Colonel Michael Braun, Commandant, US Army Northern Warfare Training Center
  • Lieutenant Colonel Nick Serle, Commanding Officer, Infantry Trials And Development Unit
  • Lieutenant Colonel Petr Potyka, Senior Officer of Infantry Section, Land Forces Development Department, Capabilities Development and Planning Division , Czech Army
  • Major Chris Jose, Dismounted STA Requirements Manager, UK MoD
  • Major Christophe Wallner, Armament Staff Officer Soldier Systems Army Concepts and Capabilities Development Centre, German Army
  • Major Daniel Thibodeau, Project Director ISSP, Canadian Forces
  • Major David Stone, Command and Battlespace Management Requirements Manager, UK MoD
  • Major Jamie Murphy, Marine Expeditionary Rifle Squad, Capabilities Integration Officer , United States Marine Corps
  • Major Rune Nesland-Steinor, Head of Project section Weapons, Optics and Electronic Warfare, Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency
  • Mark Richter, Program Manager, Marine Expeditionary Rifle Squad (MERS) Marine Corps Systems Command, US Marine Corps
  • Olaf Aul, Head of Systems Engineering Soldier Systems and Network Solutions, Rheinmetall Electronics
  • Scott J Featherman, Business Development Manager, BlackBox Biometrics Inc

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Holiday Inn Kensington Forum
97 Cromwell Rd, Kensington, SW7 4DN
London, UK

Who should attend

  • Future Soldier System Programme Managers
  • Industry OEMs
  • Directors for Land Forces Capability
  • Infantry Trials and Development Unit Commander
  • Infantry leaders
  • Soldier Systems Researchers


Holiday Inn Kensington Forum
97 Cromwell Road
London, United Kingdom
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