IoT Global Innovation Forum

Chicago, IL, United States

Business Models, Case Studies, and Success Strategies for Capturing IoT Value

Effectively implementing Internet of Things technologies and advanced analytics represents a trillion-dollar opportunity for industrial companies, however successful adoption involves an end-to-end, holistic approach, affecting practically every aspect of traditional business operations.* Now is the time for companies to evaluate their IoT strategies, draw upon lessons learned to date from other market sectors, and position themselves for success going forward.

The 4th IoT Global Innovation Forum, July 9-10, 2019 in Chicago features two days of focused networking and information sharing at the IoT cutting edge. This fourth edition brings together leading innovators, business executives and industry professionals to examine the latest advances and applications for commercial and industrial end users across sectors within the emerging Internet of Things ecosphere.

Topics To Be Addressed Include:

  • Architectures for IoT pervasive sensing and data sharing
  • IoT interoperability and integration
  • Maximizing ROI on IoT investment
  • Cloud computing, wireless networks, and communication advancess
  • Standards and control system technologies
  • Ensuring data security and privacy
  • Big Data analytics for IoT applications: arriving at value
  • Designing human-focused IoT: ensuring high end-user acceptance
  • Emerging smart building and smart city applications
  • IoT applications in manufacturing, healthcare, and transportation
  • Overcoming obstacles to IoT implementation
  • Emerging commercial and industrial end-use applications
  • Industrial IoT: Latest applications and strategies
  • Smart grid and energy efficiency applications
  • Enabling hardware and softwared developments
  • Market forecasts and international trends
  • Case studies and lessons learned to date

An Authoritative, Cross-Sector Event

Through a series of keynote and plenary sessions, interactive panel discussions, and breakout workshop sessions, industry leaders will help attendees envision and implement the full potential of IoT in both consumer and industrial sectors, with an emphasis on the most intriguing case studies and technology innovations. If you developing apps, guiding a business, or just thinking ahead, don't miss this high-value opportunity to understand and leverage the coming Internet of Things tidal wave.
  • 4th Internet of Things IoT Global Innovation Forum 2019 Learn from the Leaders - The Forum brings together technology leaders and implementors who are at the cutting edge of IoT evolution. Network with executives and practitioners who are shaping the Internet of Things future
  • In-Depth and Cutting Edge - Objective presentations and discussion sessions led by top IoT executives and innovators means you are getting the latest insights direct from the trenches
  • Focus on Growth and Opportunity - One-on-one interaction with industry peers allows you to develop and refine your strategy for the evolving world of IoT - with an eye toward new opportunites for growth
  • Key Success Stories and Business Models - Learn who is winning from IoT, what the effective business models are, and how these can be applied to your own specific operations and markets
  • International in Scope - The Forum convenes IoT executives from around the world for unique, cross-border perspectives, insights, and interactions

Who Should Attend?

  • Entrepreneurs, business planners and executives
  • Commercial and industrial executives looking to apply IoT technologies
  • IoT hardware and software vendors
  • CIOs and IT professionals
  • System integrators and consultants
  • Technology developers, designers and project managers
  • VC investment and financial professionals
  • Public policy, regulatory, and government representatives
  • Internet service provider, networking, and communications companies
  • Consumer electronics and computing companies
  • Start-up firms and incubators


  • Robert Stevens, Vice President, First Analytics
  • Nolen Akerman, Senior Data Scientist, Global Analytics Department, Kellogg Company
  • Stephen Mellor, Chief Technical Officer, Industrial Internet Consortium
  • Anthony Coufal, Chief Technology Officer, IIoT-Oxys
  • Charles C. Byers, Chief Technology Officer and Architecture Chair, OpenFog Consortium
  • Paul Golata, Senior Technology Specialist, Mouser Electronics
  • Mike McBride, Senior Director, Innovation and Strategy, Huawei Technologies
  • Mark Hermeling, Senior Director, Product Marketing, GrammaTech
  • Sven Schrecker, Vice President and Chief Architect, Cyber Security, LHP Engineering Solutions
  • Marcellus Buchheit, President and CEO, Wibu-Systems USA
  • John Boruvka, Vice President, Intellectual Property Management Group, Iron Mountain
  • Nipesh Patel, Client Delivery Executive, Itron
  • Matt Willenbrink, Executive Vice President, Fybr
  • Len Dauphinee, President, HomeGrid Forum
  • Lucian Fogoros, Co-Founder and Managing Director, IIoT World
  • Dr. Carolina Rudinschi, Publisher, IIoT World
  • Will Coleman, CEO, Lucid Design Group
  • Peter L. DeNagy, President and Co-Founder, Internet of Things America
  • EJ Shin, Head of Strategic Planning, Jenax
  • Blaine Mathieu, Chief Product Officer, VANTIQ
  • Vladimir Kiryakov, Head of Industrial and Smart Cities, Webgears Inc
  • Charles C. Byers, Chief Technology Officer and Architecture Chair, OpenFog Consortium
  • Jean-Marie Andre, Co-Founder & CEO, BeSpoon
  • David Meltzer, Secretary General, Global VSAT Forum


Chicago Conference Center
205 W. Wacker Drive
Chicago, Illinois
60605 | Suite 202

Located in downtown Chicago's Loop, the Chicago Conference Center is steps away from the city's magnificent lakefront with world-renowned Millennium and Grant Parks, marvelous museums, restaurants and retail shopping.

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