Future Soldier Technology USA Conference

June 7-8, 2022- Arlington, VA, United States

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We are proud to present the 3rd Annual Future Soldier Technology USA Conference, taking place on the 7th & 8th June 2022 in Arlington, VA.

As militaries reorient and modernise their combat capabilities, the dismounted soldier and marine remain critical to the success of combat operations. Major strides are being made in providing soldiers with enhanced abilities to maneuver, detect, target and defeat threats at greater ranges and speed than ever before.

Critical to mission success, soldiers' capabilities to engage and defeat new threats has been prioritised by Army Futures Command as a critical area for development. Future Soldier Technology USA will bring together military leaders and technical experts to address the evolving capability spectrum of dismounted technology of the US Armed Forces.

Future Soldier Technology USA is the only dedicated conference of its kind in North America and will bring a unique focus to the future of soldier systems. The conference will discuss in detail soldier lethality, power management systems, mobility, sustainability and survivability. Additionally, as soldiers and marines are increasingly integrated into an array of sensors and battlespace management systems, dismounted situational awareness is becoming a key area of overmatch capability.

Key Topics Addressed Will Include:

  • Enhancing soldier lethality
  • Next Generation Squad Weapon
  • Advanced target acquisition systems
  • Soldier sensors
  • Manned unmanned teaming
  • Communication systems
  • Battlespace management
  • Soldier sustainability
  • Systems trialling and evaluation
  • Synthetic training environments
  • Augmented reality

Benefits of Attending

  • The only event in North America specifically dedicated to soldier and marine equipment modernization and capability development
  • Hear from Leaders from PEO Soldier, US Army Futures Command, CCDC, USMC Systems Command, and many more
  • The best opportunity to meet key US program managers at the forefront of enhancing soldier lethality, survivability, situational awareness and system integration
  • The world's biggest meeting of soldier modernization specialists from across NATO-aligned defence forces
  • Access the latest soldier equipment and technology providers from defence industry


  • Colonel (Ret.) Richard Hansen, Former Program Manager, Soldier Warrior, PEO Soldier, US Army
  • Colonel Chris Budihas, Director, Maneuver Battle Lab, US Army Maneuver Center of Excellence
  • Colonel Douglas Copeland, PM Soldier Maneuver & Precision Targeting, PEO Soldier, US Army
  • Colonel Loyd Beal III, Project Manager, Terrestrial Sensors, PEO, IEW&S, US Army
  • Colonel Paul E. Alessio, Project Manager, Maneuver Ammunition Systems, US Army
  • Colonel Rhett D. Thompson, Director, Soldier Requirements Division, Maneuver Capabilities Development and Integration Directorate, US Army
  • Colonel Scott J. Madore, Project Manager Soldier Lethality, PEO Soldier, US Army
  • Dr Clifford Cook, Chief Engineer PdM Ground Soldier Systems, PM IVAS, PEO Soldier, US Army
  • Dr Elizabeth Mezzacappa, Human Research Lead, Tactical Behaviour Research Laboratory, US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (DevCom)
  • Dr Gene Stark, Director Future Acquisition, CBRN Protection, JPEO-CBRND
  • Lieutenant Colonel Arthur Dawe, Commanding Officer, Infantry Trials and Development Unit (ITDU), British Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel Denny Dresch, Product Manager Ground Soldier Systems, PEO Soldier, US Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel Gareth Davies, SO1 Soldier Systems, TommyWorks, British Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel John M. Lancaster, Program Manager SOF Lethality, PEO SOF Warrior, US Special Operations Command
  • Lieutenant Colonel Michael Percy, Director Land Requirements 5, Soldier Systems, Canadian Army
  • Major Magnus Hallberg, NATO LCG DSS Chairman, NATO/Swedish Armed Forces
  • Major Yoav Galster, PM Infantry & Commando, DDR&D, Israeli Ministry of Defence
  • Mr Andrew Murdoch, Business Development Manager – Tactical Interconnect Products, Glenair
  • Mr Chris Woodburn, Deputy, Maneuver Branch, Ground Combat Element Division, Capabilities Development Directorate, Combat Development and Integration, United States Marine Corps
  • Mr Dan Gager, CCO, Ovzon
  • Mr David May, Senior Cyber Intelligence Advisor, US Army Cyber Center of Excellence and Fort Gordon
  • Mr Derek Harberts, Deputy Product Manager Handheld, Manpack, Small Form Fit (DPdM HMS), Project Manager Tactical Radios (PM TR), PEO C3T, US Army
  • Mr Jack Moore, Vice President, Business Development SOCOM & ARMY, Persistent Systems
  • Mr Jack Overell, Senior Conference Producer/Project Lead US Defence Events, SMi Group Ltd
  • Mr Josh Castrey, Senior Product Manager – Tactical Interconnect Products, Glenair
  • Mr Mark Stephens, Deputy PM Integrated Visual Augmentation System, Program Executive Office Soldier, US Army
  • Mr Michael T. McCarthy, Director of Operations and Program Manager, Close Combat Lethality Task Force (CCLTF)
  • Mr Ralph Petroff, President – North America, Marathon Robotics , Marathon Targets

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Hilton Arlington
950 North Stafford Street,
Arlington, Virginia, USA