Connected Vehicles Europe 2022 Conference

September 27-29, 2022- Munich, Germany

With an agenda 100% driven by industry-intelligence, and a speaker line-up led by first-movers and thought-leaders from the entire connected vehicle ecosystem, the September 2022 event is geared to deliver solutions on the timeliest connectivity themes, industry challenges and pain points.

Where is the Connected Vehicle Industry Right Now?

Connected vehicles is a growing hub in the automotive industry and one of the primary focus areas in the upcoming times, especially as the industry moves from DSRC to CV2X and towards autonomous vehicles. And with 5G, this growth will be even more enormous.
The market is picking back up - OEMs and Tier-1s led projects are accelerating, as well as projects sponsored by US DoT.

The industry has moved beyond connectivity for connectivity's sake. Now, the industry is interested and invested in 1) the services connectivity enables, 2) application for connected technologies and 3) the entire ecosystem, raising questions like:
  • How do we manage connectivity?
  • How do we manage applications associated with it?
  • What should we be doing for connectivity?
After successfully running dozens of technical Electric and Autonomous Vehicles conferences on both sides of the Atlantic, we are proud to announce the Connected Vehicles Europe series, focusing on this multi-million-dollar area of opportunity for the Automotive industry.

Taking place on 27th, 28th, 29th September, the event will zero-in on some of the hottest themes in the connected vehicle space, with practical use cases and lessons learned, shared over three full days.

Agenda Highlights

  • V2X - Connectivity from the Car to other Parts of the Ecosystem
  • V2I - Vehicle to Infrastructure Integration Case Studies
  • 5G - Seamlessly Transition from 4G to 5G Platform & Infrastructure to Support It
  • Vehicle Security - How to Protect Data in Motion & Cybersecurity for Cloud Entities Advancements in Security Protocols
  • EV Adoption & Connectivity - Connectivity Angles and EV Charging Use Cases
  • Subscriptions - Effectively Integrate & Manage Subscriptions to Get the Full Value from Services
  • Infotainment & Technologies - Safety Critical System Connectivity into ADAS Features
  • Insight into Government Mandates - How Mandates Are Going to Be Safe in The Future and What They Are Thinking

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Event details
Organizer :IQEU
Event type :Conference
Attendance :Physical Event
Reference :ASDE-23626

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