Future Armoured Vehicles Survivability 2022 Conference

Leading armoured vehicle conference, exhibition and Active Protection Systems

November 15-17, 2022 - London, United Kingdom

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We are delighted to announce that the 7th annual Future Armoured Vehicles Survivability Conference will return to the Copthorne Tara Hotel, London, with the main conference on the 16th and 17th November  and our enormously popular Active Protection Systems Focus Day running on the 15th November.

As the only armoured vehicle conference dedicated to the area of survivability, the 2022 event will gather programme managers, capability directors, commanders from the military, senior engineers, chief scientists and platform managers from leading solution providers to discuss what nations are doing to protect their armoured vehicles and personnel.

Unlike any other event, the survivability conference is a meeting for the international armoured vehicle community designed around a series of focused discussions on the strategies and technologies being adopted to enhance crew and platform survivability. As seen in recent operations, threats to the vehicle are increasing in both scope and size. Traditional lightly armed combatants now have access to an increasing array of lethal anti-armour capabilities. With the continued proliferation of advanced anti-tank weaponry around the world, and as armed forces pivot to addressing near-peer adversaries, armored vehicle survivability remains as important as it ever has been.

This conference is a focused study on how to enhance survivability and addresses all layers of the survivability spectrum. Key capabilities that will be covered are signature management, situational awareness, armoured and blast protection, C-IED, vehicle obscuration systems, and an overall picture of integrated survivability.

Benefits of Attending

  • Hear the latest survivability updates from the current and future armoured vehicles that will drive manoeuvre options for years to come
  • Benefit from briefings on armoured vehicles defensive capabilities, bringing together those at the heart of systems operation, training, development and integration
  • Gain an update on strategic partners’ respective armoured vehicle programmes
  • Benefit from this platform to advance armoured vehicles active defence capabilities and network with those at the heart of protective technology design, development, and integration
  • Discuss key requirements for the countering of threats during contemporary/future operations such as IEDs, UAS, EW, ballistic threats, anti-tank guided missiles to name a few!


  • Brigadier (Ret.) Ian Cameron-Mowat, Director, IMP Castle Associates Limited
  • Brigadier Ian Langford, Director General Future Land Warfare, Land Capability Division, Australian Defence Force
  • Brigadier Michael Fayers, Head of Military Capability Plans , British Army
  • Colonel Marcel Janiga, Director, Material Development Division, Modernization Department, Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic
  • Colonel Ryan Howell, Chief of Staff, Next Generation Combat Vehicles Cross Functional Team, US Army
    Colonel Tibor Szabo, Chief Senior Advisor to the Chief of Transformation, Force Planning Directorate, Hungarian Defence Forces Command
  • Colonel Yves Raymond, Director Armament Sustainment Program Management (DASPM), Department Of National Defence - Canada
  • Dr Martin Hagström, Programme Manager Weapon and protection, Swedish Defence Research Agency - FOI
  • Lieutenant Colonel (Name Withheld for Security Reasons), Maneuver Branch, Israeli Defence Forces
  • Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) (Name Withheld for Security Reasons), CARMEL FCV Team Member, Israel Ministry of Defense (IMoD)
  • Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Kerim Serkan Simais, Specialist, Land Platforms, SSB, Turkish MoD
  • Lieutenant Colonel Ant Sharman, Director, Evocatus Consulting
  • Lieutenant Colonel David Chudy, Product Manager OMFV , PM Manuever Combat Systems, PEO GCS, US Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel James de St John-Pryce, Commanding Officer, Armoured Trials and Development Unit, British Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel Karlheinz Boenke, Authorized Army Representative for MRAV BOXER, ACCDC, German Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel Tom Foss-Smith, SO1 BOXER Future, Mechanised Infantry Programme, British Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel Trevor Bowman, SO1 Battlelab, British Army
  • Mr Bora Beyter, Project Manager, Aselsan
  • Mr Dan Lindell, Director Combat Vehicles, BAE Systems*
  • Mr David Stassek, System Engineer LEOPARD 2 MBT, BAAINBw K5.1, Federal Armed Forces Germany
  • Mr Hamdi Görkem Kaplan, Senior Defence Industry Associate, Defence Industry Agency - SSB
  • Mr Jozef Zekucia, National Armaments Director, Modernisation Department, Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic
  • Mr William Hooper, Principal Land Survivability Engineer, Platform Systems Division, DSTL, UK MoD
  • Warrant Officer Helmich Lambrechts, APS Team, Armoured Vehicles Desk, Royal Netherlands Army
  • Warrant Officer James Young, RSMI Lethality & Survivability, Armoured Trials and Development Unit, British Army

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Copthorne Tara Hotel
Scarsdale Pl, Kensington, W8 5SY
London, UK

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Organizer :SAE Media Group
Event type :Conference
Attendance :Physical Event
Reference :ASDE-23785