Advanced E-Motor Technology USA 2023 Conference

September 19-21, 2023- Detroit, MI, United States

North America's Only Technical Conference Focused On E-Motor Technologies

After a record-breaking European series, our Advanced E-Motor Technologies USA 2023 conference comes to the US, with more insight than ever before, featuring actionable solutions from leading vehicle manufacturers, Tier 1s and suppliers.

The US vehicle electrification drive has accelerated in recent times as a lot of automakers begin investing heavily in either going all-electric or at the very least including some electric vehicles in their portfolios.

There is also a big push from the current political administration, with more funding and collaboration opportunities available to automakers than ever before.

As the market changes, and OEMs get more and more electrified, designing e-motors with higher torque, higher output and higher levels of efficiency becomes a bigger priority. But designing and building smaller, low-cost, robust, and efficient e-motors that can allow vehicles to go beyond 300-miles is a major pain point and a big focus of discussions at major vehicle manufacturing companies.

Additionally, there is a significant push towards more efficient and seamless integration of e-motors with other parts of the system including thermal management systems, inverters, and power electronics.

Recognizing these key factors, drivers and pain points, we are giving the automotive industry the opportunity to learn from and network with a bigger audience than ever before as the ever-popular Advanced E-Motor Technologies 2023 event comes to the United States as a first-of-its-kind event.

Co-located with Thermal Management for EV/HEV USA 2023 Conference

Why attend Advanced E-Motor Technologies USA 2023?

  • A world-leading speaker lineup of  e-motor experts from major OEMs and Tier 1 companies.
  • The region’s first and only technical conference focused on e-motor technologies.
  • Curated exclusively from industry intelligence.
  • A highly technical conference created for engineers, project managers, lead architects, e-motor system developers, heads of e-motor departments, VP’s & Directors and those responsible for sourcing e-motor systems.
  • Tailored specifically to the needs of the US e-motor market.
  • Co-located with the Thermal Management for EV/HEV USA 2023 conference, these conferences bring together E-Motor, Thermal Management, Powertrain and Propulsion experts to share expertise and network.
  • Learn practical approaches to cut costs, reduce weight/packaging, and get better performance out of smaller machines, plus design & manufacturing strategies to make more robust, and more efficient e-motors.

2023 USA Speaker Lineup

  • Jihyun Kim, Sr. Technical Fellow - eDrive Systems, Stellantis
  • Nima Farrokhzad-Ershad, Electric-Machine and Motor-Drive Specialist, General Motors
  • Mohammad Sameer Khan, Motor Control and Calibration Engineer, Ford Motor Company
  • Azat Suleimenov, Manager & Technical Specialist- Powertrain Systems, Lucid Motors
  • Grant Smith, Powertrain and Battery Systems Engineer, Terraline
  • Rolf Blissenbach, Chief Engineer- Electric Machines & Global Product Strategy, BorgWarner
  • Peng Peng, Electric Machines and Drive Systems & Propulsion Systems Researcher, General Motors
  • Matthew Biederwolf, Solution Center Systems Project Lead, BorgWarner
  • Jennifer Bartaszewicz, Vehicle Validation Engineer- EE Systems and EV Integration, Stellantis
  • Reemon Haddad, Sr. Technical Specialist - Electric Motors, Stellantis
  • Prashant Modi, Electrified Powertrain(ePT) Thermal SME Manager, Stellantis
  • Rakesh Khurana, NVH Specialist, Stellantis
  • Kholoud Hatem, Functional Safety Manager, Dana Incorporated
  • Johannes Lehrhofer, Senior Product Marketing Manager - Position Sensors, Renesas Electronics
  • Blessing Aroboto, Conference Producer, Automotive IQ

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Focus Day
  • Learn How To Effectively Integrate E-Motor, Thermal & Powertrain Systems As Seamlessly As Possible
  • Learn How One Leading OEM Has Integrated Thermal Management & E-Motors To Optimize Performance Efficiencies
  • Thermal Management Of Powertrain, E-Motor, And Power Electronics
  • Progress In Power Electronics & Inverter Development
Main Day One
  • Cheaper, More Robust E-Motors With Greater Efficiency
  • New E-Motor Strategies To Optimize Performance, Efficiency & Reduce Cost
  • How To Design The E-Motor In A Way Where Power Density, Power Levels And Reliability Is Optimized
  • Core Component Designs: Windings, Shafts And Electromagnetics Of The E-Motor
  • Electrical And Mechanical Integration Of The E-Motor
  • Permanent Magnet Vs Induction Machine
  • Axial Flux Vs. Radial Flux Machines
Main Day Two
  • Integration of Thermal Management Systems with E-Motor Technology
  • Immersive Cooling
  • Advanced Flame-Retardant Materials With Better Thermal Conductivity
  • New Materials That Can Replace Neodymium And Other Rare Earth Metals
  • Localizing Material Sourcing To Tackle Price Fluctuation Of Rare Earth Materials
  • E-Motor Recyclability > Cradle To Grave Design Strategies
  • What Lessons Can The Automotive Industry Learn From Aerospace?


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