Past event: V2G Business, Policy and Technology Forum 2023

Addressing Challenges, Achieving the Potential of V2G

Wood MacKensie predicts that EV infrastructure investment will take over from solar as the largest DER market by 2025. And within this market, a recent study by EPRI has determined that vehicle-to-grid charging (V2G) can generate over $670 million to $1 billion per year in California ratepayer benefits in 2030 - significantly more than V1G.

The industry is in the early stages of realizing the potential of V2G: significant challenges include standards harmonization, identifying use cases and business models, the complexity of V2G versus other DERs, competing jurisdictions and more. Working through these issues and enabling utilities, automakers, charging network operators and others to achieve the V2G promise is of keen interest.

The 2nd edition of the V2G Business, Policy & Technology Forum, October 17-19, 2023 in Detroit convenes top industry players, working groups, utility professionals and others who are focused on the successful development and implementation of V2G in the United States.

Building on the success of the first meeting held in February 2023 in Los Angeles, this Forum offers a neutral venue in which different V2G stakeholders can come together to work on accelerating V2G standardization and adoption in the US. The goal is to examine obstacles and challenges to effectively achieving the potential of V2G, and to identify appropriate solutions and implementation success strategies for grid operators and other stakeholders across market verticals. If V2G is important to the future of your organization, don't miss this opportunity to shape the future - register today and join the proceedings.

Topics to be Addressed Include:

  • Accelerating V2G in the emerging V1G charging standardization regime
  • The coming or stated EVSE/EV communications mandates in CA and DOT
  • IEC/ISO 15118 - what it is and what it isn't
  • The value and challenges of V2G
  • V2G-AC vs V2G-DC
  • V1G - its value, challenges and relationship to V2G
  • The other standards for V2G - J 3072, UL 1741 SB/SC, IEEE 2030.5, SunSpec Modbus
  • V2G Use Cases and Pilot/Demo projects
  • V2G in residential charging
  • V2G in C&I workplace charging
  • Heavy duty vehicles and V2G - trucks and buses
  • Fleets and V2G
  • V2G in travel charging
  • Cybersecurity considerations in V2G
  • Reconciling U.S. and European charging-related technologies, standards, regulations, and/or stakeholder expectations
  • Mapping V2G-associated standards to a common CIM
  • Vehicle to Home (V2H) requirements vs V2G/V2B

Forum Audience:

  • Network strategists and executives at investor-owned, municipal, and rural utilities
  • Grid operations engineers and planners
  • EV program managers and fleet managers
  • Charging station infrastructure owners
  • Consultants and system integrators
  • EV manufacturers and charging network operators
  • Regulatory and standards professionals
  • Technology innovators and equipment vendors
  • Energy storage, communications, and power control solutions providers
  • Urban planners and municipal transporation analysts
  • Researchers, analysts and university professionals
  • Renewable energy providers and technology vendors
  • Financial and venture capital professionals


  • James Mater, Co-Founder and Director of Strategy, Smart Grid, QualityLogic
  • Tony Tomczak, Vice President of Electric Sales & Marketing, DTE Energy
  • Dan Bowerson, Senior Director, Energy & Environment, Alliance for Automotive Innovation
  • Garrett Fitzgerald, Senior Director, Electrification, Smart Electric Power Alliance
  • Danielle Weizman, Business Development Manager, Clean Transportation, San Diego Gas & Electric
  • Jeffrey Lu, Air Pollution Specialist, Vehicle Grid Integration Unit, California Energy Commission
  • Eric Cutter, Partner, Energy and Environmental Economics, Inc.
  • Evan Belser, Policy Strategist and Managing Counsel, Ford Motor Company
  • Ed Burgess, Policy Director, Vehicle-Grid Integration Council
  • Dr. Glenn Skutt, Chief Technology Officer, Fermata Energy
  • Lynn Ames, Head of V2X Business Development Programs, General Motors
  • C.E. Ted Witham, Application Engineer, Energy Transition, Eaton
  • Timothy Zgonena, Principal Engineer, UL
  • Jaime Kolln, Senior Power System Engineer, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)
  • Haukur (Hawk) Asgeirsson, P.E., Senior Life Member, IEEE
  • Rodney McGee, Ph.D., P.E., Research Engineer, Transportation Electrification Center, University of Delaware
  • Frances Cleveland, President and Principal Consultant, Xanthus Consulting International
  • Robby Simpson, Principal and Co-founder, Enetrics
  • Beat Kreuter, Vice President - Product Testing, Business Line Safety, DEKRA SE
  • Zach Woogen, Senior Policy Manager, Vehicle-Grid Integration Council (VGIC)
  • Steve Letendre, PhD, Director, Regulatory Affairs, Fermata Energy
  • Jacqueline Piero, US Head of Policy & Regulatory, The Mobility House
  • Ben Burns, Leader of V2X, Eaton
  • Russell Vare, Head of Auto OEM Partnerships, Kaluza
  • Sarah Swickard, Manager, Vehicle Grid Integration, Pacific Gas and Electric
  • Rani Murali, EV-Grid Integration & Energy Services Project Management Analyst, Ford Motor Company
  • Ryan O'Gorman, Energy Services Co-Lead and Head of Intelligent Backup Power, Ford Motor Company
  • Christopher Moris, Principal, Grid Innovation, Pacific Gas and Electric
  • Joe Silver, Sr. Product Manager, NineDot Energy
  • Dr. Laura Sherman, President, Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council
  • Dan Killoren, Ph.D., Innovation Hub Manager, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
  • Paul Russell Salk, Product Solutions Lead, Utilidata
  • Yukihiro Hatagishi, EV Electronics Lead, Diamond and Zebra Electric
  • Blake Heidenreich, Strategic Advisor - Transportation Electrification, Southern California Edison (SCE)
  • Marc Monbouquette, Senior Manager, Policy and Government Affairs - Electrification, Enphase Energy
  • Alissa Harrington, Manager, Automotive and Charging Partnerships, WeaveGrid
  • Baerte De Brey, Vice President, AVERE - The European Association for Electromobility, Chief International Officer, ElaadNL
  • Jordan Smith, P.E., Consulting (Principal) Engineer, Grid Technology Innovation, Southern California Edison
  • Rachel Zook, Senior Program Manager, Utility Partnerships, Nuvve Holding Corp.
  • Jaime Kolln, Senior Power System Engineer, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)
  • Richard Mueller, Manager of Engineering Technology, DTE Energy
  • Rich Scholer, Sr Technical Specialist, Chrysler Group LLC
  • Tom Tansy, CEO, DER Security Corp
  • Andrew Cifala, Solution Architect - Smart Grid & Alternative Energy Technology, Keysight Technologies
  • Scott Picco, Principal Engineer, Distributed Energy Resources, Bi-directional EV charging
  • UL
  • Stephen MacDonald, Founder, Energy Profit LLC
  • Aaron Willis, Manager, Regulatory Affairs, DTE Energy
  • Larisa Dobriansky, Chief Business & Regulatory Innovations Officer, General MicroGrids
  • Mike Bourton, Retired, Formerly, Kitu Systems
  • Jordan Smith, P.E., Consulting (Principal) Engineer, Grid Technology Innovation, Southern California Edison
  • Sunil Chhaya, Ph.D., Senior Technical Executive -- EV-Energy System Integration, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
  • John H. Holmes, Paratelic Systems, Sustainability Business Innovation, American Honda Company
  • Dr. Glenn Skutt, Chief Technology Officer, Fermata Energy
  • Jacqueline Piero, US Head of Policy & Regulatory, The Mobility House

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