Past event: SDV: Software-Defined Vehicles USA 2023 Conference

The software-defined vehicle is posing to dramatically change the automotive industry, impacting the way vehicles are produced, how value is provided to the customer, and creating a range of new opportunities for OEMs, Tier-1s, Tier-2s and other providers. SDVs are no longer a vision for the future. They are already a reality, and OEMs, technology companies and SDV solution providers are teaming up like never before.

While Tesla's vehicles have always been largely software-defined, Toyota, General Motors and others are building software-defined capabilities, e.g., Toyota's vehicle Arene OS and General Motors recently announced open-source software protocol. Renault and Google are partnering to build a software-defined vehicle, and Volkswagen is reportedly investing billions of dollars into SDVs.

While several automotive OEMs have defined an architecture against software-defined vehicles and are in the implementation phase right now, there are on-going thought-leadership discussions on understanding the concept of an SDV, why SDVs are important to OEMs and what they are trying to achieve, the architecture required to build an SDV, among other technical, organizational, and partnership challenges in making SDVs a reality.

As the automotive industry reaches a point where it merges with the software, cloud, technology and communication industries, and software begins to play a critical role in future automotive products, we are thrilled to launch the SDV: Software-Defined Vehicles USA 2023 conference, designed to address real challenges and capitalize on real opportunities in the SDV space.


  • Krishna Kommineni, Engineering Group Manager - Embedded Remote Software Updates of SDV, General Motors
  • Ahsan Qamar, Senior Engineering Manager - Systems Engineering | Embedded Platform | MBSE, Ford Motor Company
  • Divya Garikapati, Senior Systems Engineer, Woven by Toyota
  • Anupam Chomal, Software Security Expert, CARIAD
  • Florian Sommer, Manager Business Development, Vector
  • Kyle Williams, Head of Vehicle Motion Control, ZF Group
  • Rita Barrios, Senior Cyber Security Engineer, Bosch USA
  • Jake Tanana, Director of Software, Hardware & Mechanical Engineering, Polaris
  • Augustin Friedel, Senior Manager Mobility Transformation, MHP - A Porsche Company
  • Florian Rohde, Sr. Manager, System Integration & Validation, Formerly at Tesla
  • Pardis Khayyer, Technical Program Manager, Aptiv
  • Niraj Kaushik, Managing Director, NA, VicOne
  • Fabian Aigner, Senior Software Engineer, Bosch USA
  • Dr. Qiaotian Li, Software & Systems Engineering Lead, Vehicle Motion Control, ZF Group
  • Andre Weimerskirch, VP Platform SW, Cybersecurity & Functional Safety, Lear Corporation
  • Aliasghar Arab, Senior Autonomy System Engineer, Nuro
  • Ninad Ghike, Product Manager, Aptiv
  • Michael Clifford, Principal Researcher, Connected Car System Security, Toyota InfoTechnology Center, U.S.A., Inc.
  • Narendra Atmakuri, Engineering Leader, Aptiv
  • Qadeer Ahmed, Associate Professor of Research, The Ohio State University
  • Alishba Jan, Divisional Director, Automotive IQ

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  • Security For SDV - Focus Day - Tuesday October 24, 2023
  • Main Day One - Wednesday October 25, 2023
  • Main Day Two - Thursday October 26, 2023


Sheraton Ann Arbor Hotel
3200 Boardwalk Street, 48104
Ann Arbor, MI, USA

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Organizer : Automotive IQ
Event type : Conference
Reference : ASDE-24426