Future Soldier Technology 2024 Conference

The World's Leading Conference Dedicated to Soldier Modernisation

March 11-13, 2024- London, United Kingdom

We are proud to host the 10th annual Future Soldier Technology conference, returning to London on the 11-13 March 2024.

Building on the enormous success of its previous nine annual meetings, Future Soldier Technology 2024 will be an excellent international gathering of senior officers and programme managers who are seeking to enhance their programmes. Additionally, this forum offers an excellent platform for programme managers within the military to interface with senior experts from within the defence industry.

Future Soldier Technology 2024 will return to London larger than ever to discuss Soldier Modernisation Programmes, and how these projects are driving infantry capabilities into the future and making the dismounted soldier more lethal, protected and ready to fight in the challenging conditions of the modern-day battlefield.

Dismounted Situational Awareness Focus Day: 11 March 2024

The conference will feature a dedicated Dismounted Situational Awareness Focus Day with updates from British and NATO allied armed forces discussing the modernisation of dismounted soldier communications and spatial awareness capabilities using existing and emerging next-generation equipment and technologies.

Main Conference: 12 - 13 March 2024

The two-day main conference will cover all other aspects vital to the modernisation of the future soldier. The morning of both days will feature plenary sessions, focusing on international soldier modernisation programme updates and with industry sponsor partners showcasing their solutions to the audience.

The afternoons on both days will split into parallel streams, to focus on more specifically aspects of the dismounted soldier and their equipment.

Day 1 will focus on the Dismounted Soldier Power Solutions in Stream A, discussing how to solve the important issue of supporting the soldier's equipment in the face of ever-growing power demands. Stream B, will cover enhancements to Soldier Lethality, discussing the renewed urgency to increase the offensive power of infantries and the innovative plans to make the dismounted soldier more lethal, effective, and resilient.

Day 2 cover Soldier Protection and Survivability in Stream A, discussing ballistic protection, hard and soft armour, mobility , R&S and training. Stream B will discuss the role RAS & AI in Augmenting Human Performance and reducing physical and cognitive burdens for the soldier, by focusing on integrating human factors in the development of autonomous systems, leveraging AI to track enemy forces, and the increasing prevalence of electronic warfare in dismounted soldier missions.

Benefits of Attending

Future Soldier Technology is the leading event dedicated to dismounted soldier modernisation programmes and priorities
  • Listen to keynote briefings from senior UK and NATO and allied dismounted soldier programme managers
  • Discover the latest topics for the advancement of soldier technology, including lethality and weaponry, night vision and optics, dismounted tactical power, protection and survivability, mobility, integrating robotics and AI, and much more
  • Meet and network with the key decision-makers from both military and industry to discuss modernisation and optimisation of the future dismounted soldier and their equipment

2024 Speakers

  • Brigadier General Imre Porkolab, Ministerial Commissioner for Defence Innovation, Hungarian Ministry of Defence
  • Colonel (Ret.) Richard Hansen, Former Program Manager, Soldier Warrior, PEO Soldier, US Army
  • Colonel Ákos Tajti, Director, Capability Development Office, Hungarian Defence Forces
  • Colonel Art van Beekhuizen, Project Manager Soldier Modernisation Program, Defence Materiel Organisation
  • Colonel Carlos Henrique Martins Rocha, Analyst, Brazilian Army General Staff
  • Colonel Nicolas Mueller, Head of Weapons and Ammunition, Armasuisse / Federal Office for Defence Procurement
  • Colonel Norbert Vetter, Manager Innovations labor System Soldat, Bundeswehr
  • Colonel Paul Cummings, DES Dismounted Close Combat DCC Pfo Ldr, DE&S
  • Colonel Peter Hofer, Head of Institute - Advanced Officer Training, Theresian Military Acadeny
  • Command Sergeant Niels Moelleskov, Chairman of CCIEP under LCGDSS, Danish Artillery Regiment
  • Dr Darren Browning, Senior Technical Lead - Power Sources, DSTL, UK MoD
  • Dr Julie Greeves, Research Director, Army Health and Performance Research AHPR, UK Ministry of Defence
  • Dr Nathan Sharpes, Research Mechanical Engineer, US Army C5ISR Center
  • Dr Sebastian Gies, Project Lead Soldier System D-LBO, Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw)
  • Lieutenant Colonel Arthur Dawe, Commanding Officer Infantry Trials and Development Unit, ITDU, British Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel Brett Grant, Director Dismounted Combat Program, Platforms Branch, Land Capability Division, Australian Army Headquarters
  • Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Armstrong, Navy Acquisition SO1 Strike Networks, Royal Marines
  • Lieutenant Colonel D. Christian Hasbach, PdM Soldier Maneuver Sensors, PM IVAS, PEO Soldier
  • Lieutenant Colonel Emanuel Sousa, Head of the Capability Development Section, Portugese Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel Fabio Facecchia, Chief Experimentation Section, Italian Army General Staff
  • Lieutenant Colonel Gareth Davies, SO1 Combat Systems and Bearers, British Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel Michael P. Brabner, Air Branch Chief, Robotics Requirements Division, Maneuver Center of Excellence, Maneuver Capabilities Development Integration Directorate (MCDID)
  • Lieutenant Colonel Paul Cocker, SO1 Morpheus, TacSys SE, New Zealand Defence Force
  • Lieutenant Colonel Trevor Bowman, SO1 Battlelab, Army Futures, British Army
  • Lieutenant Johnny Hanlon, SO1 Soldier Systems, SoldierWorks, British Army
  • Major Daniel Watzenig, Professor, Virtual Vehicle Research, Graz University of Technology
  • Major Gabriel Benoit-Martin, Project Director - Integrated Soldier System, Director Land Requirement, Canadian Army
  • Major General Adrian Ciolponea, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation Representative in Europe, NATO HQ
  • Major Jared Bambridge, SO2 Integrated Close Combat, ATDU
  • Major Magnus Hallberg, NATO LCG DSS Chairman, NATO/Swedish Armed Forces
  • Major Michael O'Connor, Capability Director Soldier Modernisation Office, New Zealand Defence Force
  • Major Nicholas Reynolds, Dismounted Close Combat Surveillance and Target Acquisition Requirements Manager, SoldierWorks, British Army
  • Mr Anders Palm, Project Manager, Swedish Defence Materiel Administration
  • Mr Dave Pheasant, DE&S Future Capability Group, Strategic Command & Air Portfolio Team Leader, DE&S UK MoD
  • Mr Graham Ball, Deputy Director Integration - Strategic Command, UK MOD
  • Mr James Gavin, Head of the Future Capability Group, DE&S UK MoD
  • Mr Jonathan Russell, Principle Scientist Platform Systems, DSTL, UK MoD
  • Mr Martin Krieg, Head of Department IT-Fundamentals Section, Austrian Armed Forces
  • Mr Michael T. McCarthy, Deputy Director/ Chief of Staff, Close Combat Lethality Task Force (CCLTF)
  • Mr Qaim Jaffarson, Electronics Engineer Batteries Command Support, Communication, Danish Ministry of Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation
  • Mr Wilhelm Sahlen, Scientist, Department for Weapons, Protection and Security, Swedish Defence Research Agency
  • Ms Anna Dowle, Risk Manager CEMA, British Army HQ
  • Ms Ilse Kroesen, System Integration Manager Individual Soldier, Dutch Armed Forces
  • Ms Lauren Russell, Integration Design Authority (IDA) Cyber Security Adviser, British Army HQ
  • Senior Representative, Elbit Systems UK
  • Senior Representative, Thales
  • Senior Representative, Glenair
  • Senior Representative, Ultra
  • Senior Representative, Marathon Targets
  • Senior Representative (Name Withheld for Security Reasons), Israeli Ministry of Defence
  • Victoria Ayuso, Senior Conference Producer - Defence, SAE Media Group

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Leonardo Royal London Tower Bridge
45 Prescot St, E1 8GP
London, United Kingdom

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