Past event: Land Forces Training Summit 2024

Join us at this year's Land Forces Training summit as we delve into the evolving landscape of land forces training amid increased desire for effective collaboration with allied armed forces. Together with our esteemed partners at Team Orlando, we will explore the complexities, challenges, and advances that shape the future of military training.
From cutting-edge simulated environments utilizing virtual reality and augmented reality, to innovative live training approaches, we will be covering a wide range of training tools and technologies. Interoperability, a crucial aspect of countering potential threats, will be a focal point of our discussions, as we seek to understand how standards can be applied and shared among allied nations.

Our summit aims to shed light on the efforts made by nations around the world in conducting live exercises to align their armed forces and strengthen the bonds between allied nations. Additionally, we will explore how simulated training could potentially offer a viable alternative and examine other strategies to synchronize training methods among our allies.
As a highlight of the event, attendees will have the unique opportunity to visit Team Orlando's headquarters at the Central Florida Tech Grove. Experience firsthand some of the latest and most advanced training technologies that promise to revolutionize the way we prepare our forces for future challenges.

7 reasons to attend Land Forces Training:

  • Modernize your land forces training by adopting modern, progressive doctrine that assures your preparedness for multi-domain operations and the future threat context
  • Provide a more realistic, immersive collective training experience to the next generation of warfighters through the leveraging of commercial off-the-shelf synthetics and virtual, mixed and augmented reality technologies
  • Create warfighters with greater situational awareness, tactical mobility and assault support knowledge
  • Optimize training output and demonstrate training effectiveness through the use of advanced big data capture and exploitation technologies
  • Maximize the effectiveness of your training delivery by establishing lasting relationships with military and industry training partners and debriefing joint training exercises to improve interoperability
  • Utilize live and simulated training within a joint, international framework to provide realistic training and produce versatile personnel
  • Start building readiness at the individual to collective levels for large scale ground conflict

2024 Chairman

  • Dr. Jim Blake PhD, Former PEO STRI, US Army

2024 Early Confirmed Speakers

  • Lieutenant General Maria Gervais, Deputy Commanding General, Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), US Army
  • Karen Saunders, SES, Program Executive Officer, PEO STRI, US Army
  • Major General Roch Pelletier, Commander Army Doctrine and Training Centre (CADTC), Canadian Army
  • Major General Chris Barry, Director The Land Warfare Centre, British Army
  • Major General Michael Hochwart, Commander, Army Training Command in Leipzig, Bundeswehr
  • Brigadier General Michael R. Drowley, Director, Joint Training and Exercises (J7), U.S. Indo-Pacific Command, Camp Smith, Hawaii, US Air Force
  • Brigadier General Charles T. Lombardo, Director of Training Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-3/5/7, US Army
  • Brigadier General Vahur Karus, Commander, Estonian Military Academy, Estonian Defence Forces
  • Brigadier General Mariano Bianchi, Deputy Chief of Staff for Force Preparation of the Army Land Forces Command, Italian Army
  • Brigadier Sean Parkes, Deputy Army G7, Australian Army
  • Colonel Adam Wloczewski, Commandant of Military Training Centre for Foreign Operations in Kielce, Polish Armed Forces
  • Colonel Marcus J. Reynolds, Program Manager for Training Systems, US Marine Corps
  • Colonel Frank Overdiek, Commandant Land Training Centre, Royal Netherlands Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel Arkadiusz Skrzek, Polish Army Liaison Officer to HQDA, Polish Army
  • Richard A. Totleben Jr., Deputy Director Center for Army Lessons Learned, US Army
  • Wim Huiskamp, Scientific Advisor NATO Modelling & Simulation Group, NATO
  • Joakim Alhbin, Vice President, Head of Business Unit, Saab AB Training & Simulation, Saab
  • Hans Lindgren, Director Business Development, Saab AB Training & Simulation, Saab
  • Joshua Smith, VP of Autonomous Robotic Ground Training, Marathon Targets

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