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Military Vehicles Exhibition & Conference

31 July, 2013 - 1 August, 2013, Detroit, MI, United States

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Our Military Vehicles Exhibition & Conference provides sweeping updates on the vehicle market, industry and community annually. MVEC is one of the of the largest vehicles shows in the United States, previously bringing together more than 200 exhibitors, 2000+ international/domestic attendees and 28 participating countries.

The Vehicles Expo returns in its fifth year with a new expanded perspective that includes armored vehicles for national security and law enforcement. As the vehicle community faces a series of challenges previously unfelt, individuals have stepped up to continue vital communications, collaborations and research developments. Sustaining these conversations will undoubtedly return value in the future years since progress marches on tirelessly.

Join individuals from the vehicles community as they come together to learn best practices, programs and processes for 2013. It is a great place to network with past contacts and meet potential future clients.

Be sure to join in the conversation and learn how to solve the most vexing of your vehicle problems while getting an insightful industry update.

Key Topics:

  • Methods to sustain research, development and advacement in the vehicle community in a smaller market
  • Areas of growth in the vehicle supply chain and diversifying the current manufacturing portfolio to take advantage of these growing markets
  • The status of the Ground Combat Vehicle: FY13 development; unique exceptions for the GCV Platform in relation to the sequestration
  • Manufacturing supply chain and sustaining product availability with minimal inventory time

Get Answers To The Questions Plaguing The Vehicle Community:

  • What parts are added onto the basic chassis and methods of installation, maintenance and up grades for electronics, power systems, fuel gauges, etc.
  • Which processes are best for 2nd and 3rd tier suppliers when working with OEMs?
  • How can current and future vehicles protect against ballistics, explosives, and other threats?
  • Where do budgets constrain the design process and how to streamline the process to find costsavings?
  • What is the role of hybrid/sustainable technologies and how can that affect the entire vehicle platform?

Conference discussions were timely and offered us insight in to the future of military vehicles. The supplier displays were well laid out and representatives were very knowledgeable
Engineering Manager, BAE Systems Inc., Land & Armaments Group

I have attended several IDGA events and they are excellent. Glad to see you here in Michigan!
Scott Clay, Application Engineer, SC Associates

Overall, I enjoyed the show very much. Some of the conference discussions were timely and offered us some insight in to the future of military vehicles. The supplier displays were well laid out and representatives were very knowledgeable.
Joe Burchill, Link Engineering


Cobo Convention Center
Cobo Center One Washington Blvd
Detroit, MI 48226
Phone: 313-877-8777
24 Hour Info Line: 313-877-8111

COBO Center is Michigan's World Class meeting and convention facility. The 2.4 million square foot complex, located on the bank of the Detroit River, is the centerpiece of downtown Detroit's Civic Center. COBO Center offers convenience, comfort, service reliability and fine food. Overlooking the Detroit River and its international neighbor, Windsor Canada, COBO Center also boasts one of the largest contiguous exhibit floor space in North America and two adjacent arenas (COBO Arena and Joe Louis Arena).

The conference agenda is available as PDF under downloads.

Conference Speakers 

  • Christopher Cardine, Chief Scientist of Tank Technologies, GENERAL DYNAMICS LAND SYSTEMS *INVITED*
  • Kevin McRee, Regional Director, BAE SYSTEMS LAND & ARMAMENTS
  • John Olejar, Northrop Grumman
  • David Russell, Director of Marketing, SKYDEX
  • Lieutenant Colonel Lior Kotick, Project Manager, ISRAEL MOD
  • Paul Villaire, Chief, Foreign Intelligence Technology Section, HQDA, DCS G-2
  • Vincent Vendetti, Mechanical Engineer, NSWC-DAHLGREN DIVISION
  • Paul Melrose, Engineering Manager, Advanced Structures & Composite Centre, UNIVERSITY OF MAINE

Presentation Theater Speakers

  • Colonel (R) Buddy Carman, Past Capability Manager, US ARMY TRADOC
  • Shad Balch, Manager, Environment & Energy, GENERAL MOTORS CO.
  • John Spray, Director, High-speed Impact Research and Technology Facility, UNIVERSITY OF NEW BRUNSWICK
  • Paul Turner, International Collaboration Manager, NATIONAL ENERGY TECHNOLOGY LAB, DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY
  • Travis Curtis, Sr., Tobyhanna Army Depot Liaison Officer, AMCOM *INVITED*
  • Dr Periklis Charchalakis, Technical Manager, VETRONICS RESEARCH CENTRE
  • Daniel Yaziv PhD, Head Engineer, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems
  • Stephen Ridella, Lead Technical Advisor, Director, OFFICE OF VEHICLE CRASHWORTHINESS RESEARCH *INVITED*
  • George Miley, Professor, University of Illinois


Event details

31 July, 2013
1 August, 2013
Cobo Convention Center
United States


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