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3rd Annual Qatar Defence Logistics and Support Forum
Logistics Conference to Help the Qatar Armed Forces Select Equipment and Create an Efficient Supply Chain

3 November, 2013 - 4 November, 2013, Doha, Qatar

Join the 3rd Annual Qatar Defence Logistics & Support Forum to meet key decision makers in the field of defence aquisition, logistics and equipment policy.

With Qatar’s assimilation of a greater role in regional politics and military affairs its military spending and defence procurement priorities have grown rapidly to match this role. Qatar’s acquisition of advanced military capabilities and technology requires the development of efficient, effective and ultimately interoperable logistics systems and strategies. The development of joint logistics systems and strategies will enable both Qatar and its allies to manage their acquisitions and ensure their effectiveness when deployed in the field of battle.

As Qatar and its regional allies continue to leverage their increasing economic and military clout they will undoubtedly contribute to military coalitions in future operations. Recent operations such as Operation Unified Protector in Libya convey both their increasing profile in coalitions and in the critical importance of the logistical capability of Qatar and its allies. Continuing to develop integrated processes, strategies and technologies will ultimately ensure responsive, agile and flexible logistical support to the warfighter in future operations.

Key themes

  • Procurement and operations priorities
  • Logistics and supply chain requirements
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Performance based logistics
  • Tri-service logistics performance
  • Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO)
  • 3rd Party Logistics (3PL)
  • ERP/SCM software
  • Warehouse management

Benefits of attending:

  • Examine the defence logistics supply chain and learn how you can improve efficiency and reduce cost
  • Learn about Product Lifecycle Management and how to maximise performance whilst minimising waste
  • Hear what key industry players have planned for the future and which products or services can be leveraged by your organisation
  • Explore Performance Based Logistics as a win-win strategy for suppliers and buyers
  • Discover how can coalitions be formed to encourage improve logistical efficiency, make timely decisions and improve operational output
  • Understand how to achieve tri-service logistics performance through integrated logistics systems
  • Discover the importance of information to your logistics and support operation and how you can design your IT system accordingly
  • Discover Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) requirements within Qatar and its GCC neighbours and how strategies are set accordingly
  • Hear about the Qatar Armed Forces logistic and supply chain requirements and which future products or services will be needed

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Who will attend?

  • Military logisticians from the Army, Navy and Air Force
  • Procurement directors from the Qatar Armed Forces GHQ
  • Heads of Logistics, Procurement and Operations Departments
  • Prime Contractors
  • Supply Chain Consultants
  • 3rd Party Logistics Providers
  • Freight Forwarders
  • ERP/SCM Software Providers
  • Warehouse Management

Venue & Accommodation

Intercontinental Doha - The City Hotel
Po Box 22178, Doha, 
8299, Qatar
Phone: +974-40-158888

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The agenda is available as PDF under downloads at the right side of the page.

Register at ASDEvents and receive 20% discount.


  • Major General Nasser Mohammed Al Ali, Assistant Chief of Staff, Logistics, Qatar Armed Forces
  • Admiral Juan Francisco Martinez Nunez, Defence Policy Director, Spanish Ministry of Defence
  • Lieutenant General Jean-Marc Lauren, Commander, Air Force Support Command, French Air Force
  • Air Commodore Barrie Thomson, Programme Head, Logistics Network Enable Capability, UK Ministry of Defence
  • Commodore Glen Leverette, Commander, Military Sealift Command Central and Task Force Five Three, Logistics Forces, U.S. Naval Forces Central Command
  • Colonel Vincent Thompson, G-4 Representative, U.S. Army Forces Command
  • Andre Maas, Technical Officer – Codification NSPA, NATO

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Event details

IQPC Middle East FZ LLC
3 November, 2013
4 November, 2013
Intercontinental Doha - The City Hotel


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